Barnett Crossbow Team Flying High After Epic Helicopter Feral Hog Hunt

Barnett Crossbow Team Epic Helicopter Feral Hog Hunt
Barnett Crossbow Team Flying High After Epic Helicopter Feral Hog Hunt
Barnett Outdoors
Barnett Outdoors

Tarpon Springs, FL –-( Barnett Crossbows, the FASTEST and the BEST crossbows built in the USA and …Built for the Hunt.

Barnett Crossbows, one of the several brands owned by Synergy Outdoors, is pleased to release the unofficial, first ever video of feral hogs being eradicated using a Barnett Ghost 350 Crossbow out of a helicopter.

The video and hunt were arranged with the help of Heli-Hunter, located south of Dallas, TX. The owner of the company, Craig Meier, is hired to eradicate the growing and destructive population of feral hogs in Texas.

Craig explains, “Feral hogs are doing unbelievable damage to the land and the crops. If we don't help eradicate these nuisances, farmers and land owners will lose a significant portion of their income and livelihood.”

Craig approached Matt Busbice, President of Synergy Outdoors and well-known TV personality from Wildgame Nation and asked him if he would like to help with the eradication.

Matt agreed and took it one step further and said, “Let's try to do it with a crossbow”. Matt explains, “People thought it was ridiculous to even try to take hogs with a crossbow. There were so many elements working against me – moving targets, prop wash which can affect arrow flight, distance, downward angle adjustment, and cocking a crossbow by hand. The speed to reset the weapon is lengthened significantly compared to a firearm.”

Nonetheless, Matt and his film crew comprised of Christopher Williston, Major Person, and Matt with his Vantage cam mounted on his Ghost 350 Crossbow, took to the skies.

“I was apprehensive at first. Hanging out of a helicopter with a Ghost 350 and all the things I needed to adjust for was crazy, but like all hunters, the fever kicks in and it's all business and we knew we had a job to do. My job was to hit the pigs clean.”

The video footage captures all the action and excitement of this eradication hunt.

“It was all adrenaline and fist pumps when we succeeded in clean hits on the hogs. We knew we had accomplished something special, helping the landowners and beating the odds in this challenging scenario” explained Matt.

The Ghost 350 crossbow is one of the lightest bows ever manufactured by Barnett. Weighing in at a light 7.6lbs, I could shoulder it and know as long as I considered the other factors it would be accurate. The 350 FPS speed provided plenty of power to get the pigs down.

Check out the hunt next.

Barnett utilized several of their industry partners products on the hunt so if you are interested in any of the products featured in the video, please visit the following websites. If you would like to see more of this footage, and some great outdoor hunting, tune into the show Wildgame Nation every Sunday at 8:30 PM EST/7:30 CST on the Outdoor Channel!

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  • Heli-Hunter: (Craig Meier)


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