Civilian Marksmanship Program Announces New Distinguished Shooters

CMP awards bronze and silver EIC badges along with the gold Junior Air Rifle Distinguished Badge.
Examples of some of the badges awarded by the CMP

Camp Perry, OH – -( The CMP extends its congratulations to the following competitors for achieving this prestigious status!

The most recent shooters to earn Distinguished Badges are listed below.

Distinguished Rifleman Badge

  • #2074 Travis Burian, Surprise, AZ
  • #2075 Victor Carderon, HuMacao, PR

Junior Air Rifle Distinguished Badge

  • #445 Clint Alama, Pelion, SC
  • #446 Rachael Hodges, Acworth, GA
  • #447 Victoria Stroud, Deming, NM
  • #448 Magdalena Mical, Clearwater, FL
  • #449 DeArmond Lopez, Albuquerque, NM
  • #450 Brandon Thomas, Winder, GA
  • #451 Eric Bohanan, Grove City, OH
  • #452 Hunter Cushman, King George, VA
  • #453 Cody Thorne, Bryantown, MD
  • #454 Iran Rodriguez, Zion, IL
  • #455 MacKenzie Martin, Fairhaven, MA
  • #456 Emilie Stevenson, King George, VA
  • #457 Wren Hudson, Albuquerque, NM
  • #458 Zachary Kofron, Phoenix, AZ
  • #459 Alan Rodriguez, Phoenix, AZ
  • #460 Tyler Gregory, Ozark, MO
  • #461 Jack Lockeby, Rayville, LA
  • #462 Jodi Cull-Host, Los Alamos, NM

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