Fix or Kill Virginia’s Castle Doctrine Bills

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Fix or Kill Virginia’s Castle Doctrine Bills

Virginia –-( The NRA is about to screw us again with their bill language in the Castle Doctrine Bills, and I apologize for not noticing this or realizing that the NRA rewrote the bill. Thanks to our founder, Dennis Fusaro, he has blown the whistle on the dangerous language in HB 48 and SB 4.

HB 48 comes up today in Senate Courts of Justice Committee and if passed will head to the floor. Please call your senator and/or email them to fix or kill HB 48.

The problem is that our common law (i.e. court law precedent law) protections are not only stronger than these bills but these bills actually would give a rapist an advantage.

Why? Because two acts are required for the law to protect you.

  • The first is unlawful entry.
  • The second is an overt act towards you.

So if your wife is home alone in bed, she must wait until a dark shadowy figure in the house makes an act toward her that threatens her. Science has proven that a human can move several feet before you can get off a shot.

Please call your senator today and tell them to Fix or Kill HB 48.

Larry Pratt at GOA also supported these bills until I called him late last night. He and his people will be getting an alert out soon. Another organization, VCDL, has also changed its position and come out against these bills as written. I am also in communication with NAGR and have hopes that he also will join in the fight to fix or kill HB 48 and SB 4.

For Liberty,
Mike McHugh

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Could you explain more about the definition of an “overt act”. Based my interpretation of the definition found at, the overt act was committed when an unwanted person came into my home. If someone enters my dwelling unwanted, it is my belief they are there to do harm to me and my family. I have provided the explanation from the above site below: An open, manifest act from which criminality may be implied. An outward act done in pursuance and manifestation of an intent or design. An overt act is essential to establish an attempt to commit a crime.… Read more »