Gun for Hire Radio Episode #36 Dusts Senator Lautenberg

Frank Lautenberg
Frank Lautenberg

Belleville, NJ –-( Episode 36: A cry from the statehouse: “Make it Stop!”

Jersey lawmakers duck and cover while phone lines melt and the honorable Senator Lautenberg reportedly turns to dust over the defeat of two proposed sweeping gun bans. Gun For Hire Radio Listeners, wiping senatorial dust off their shoulders, show no mercy.

What do you do when attacked by an 800-pound black bear in New Jersey? Jersey’s new Parks Commissioner spokesman, Jethro Bodine says, “rastle ‘em Granny!”

Gubernatorial helicopter seen hovering over soon defunct Hostess Bakery.

Could Home Invading Sh!tbags be surfing realtor listings and Google maps right now to peak inside your bedroom dresser draw?

Lesson’s learned while walking the dog… Anthony almost “puts a cap in the A$$” of a rogue deliveryman. Hearing the story, Sandy laughs so hard snot comes out of his nose.

CBS News is planning to air the Gun For Hire Radio expose’ “guess who’s packing heat” this Monday February 6th on 11-O’Clock News. Will it be a hatchet job? Tune in and see…

Thanks to our loyal listeners, for coming together to powerfully oppose yet another attack on our freedom. Please help to make the voice deafening.. Each one, Reach one… get someone else listening to Gun For Hire Radio… “The Voice of 1-Million New Jersey Gun Owners.” Together we can win our rights to be free again. Unity and activism is the key. Remember: if one of us is chained, none of us are free

Please pray for listener Andy Pinelli who is bravely confronting a serious health issue.

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