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Gun Rights Radio Network
Gun Rights Radio Network

South Bend, IN –-(  The Gun Rights Radio Network (GRRN) announced the release of its latest Bar Stool Discussion Podcast previously streamed live on January 25, 2012.

The podcast features a second interview by GRRN’s Mark Vanderberg and Doc Wesson with Paul M. Barrett, assistant managing editor of Bloomberg Businessweek and author of several books including his most recent–Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun.

Barrett continues the discussion of the success of his book and its broad acceptance from National Public Radio to G. Gordon Liddy.  He also relates his cancelled SHOT show credentials, allegedly the result of Glock’s displeasure over Barrett's work. Undeterred, Paul gave Mark and Doc a sneak-peak at his recent Bloomberg Businessweek article, The Glock Family Feud, enlightening listeners and readers on the further adventures of the Glock family and the manufacturer bearing the Glock name.

Download the episode now and catch the next GRRN Bar Stool Discussion LIVE on February 8th at 9:00 PM EST by clicking on Gun Rights Radio Live. Stay up-to-date with what’s going on with GRRN by signing up for the new e-mail newsletter.

Media Contact:
Mark Vanderberg
Gun Rights Radio Network
P.O. Box 966
South Bend, IN 46624
[email protected]
(574) 387-2114

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