Help Put Teeth in Kentucky’s Firearms Preemption Law

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Help Put Teeth in Kentucky’s Firearms Preemption Law

Frankfort, Ky –-( Since 1984 when the General Assembly passed KRS 65.870, the Pre-emption Statute, the Kentucky State Constitution and state law prohibit city and county governments from passing gun control laws.

Since that time all laws regulating firearms must come from the state government in Frankfort and nowhere else.

Yet for the last 28 years many city and county governments have ignored this law and have infringed on the rights of law abiding citizens.

Over the years, members of KC3 and other groups concerned with our rights and freedoms, such as Take Back Kentucky, have actively confronted many of these cities and counties, forcing them to revoke these illegal ordinances and to remove illegal signs and prohibitions.

Now, a few local governments are flagrantly ignoring state law and thumbing their noses at the authority of the General Assembly. The reason they flaunt the statute is that there is no penalty for breaking it.

The City of Bardstown is one of the local governments that is acting illegally. Members of KC3 have spoken with and written to the Mayor and city officials of Bardstown demanding that the city conduct its business legally and to refrain from violating the constitutional rights of the citizens of Bardstown.

The local newspaper has run several articles on the situation. The city of Bardstown stubbornly refuses to comply, even informing the Kentucky League of Cities that it’s a dead issue to them.

This year amendments to KRS 65.870 have been introduced in the General Assembly in the form of House Bill 290 which will provide the means to punish those who ignore our laws and violate our rights. Modeled on a law that was enacted in Florida last year, this bill will add serious teeth to the state law and provide strict punishment for city and county officials that refuse to recognize the authority of the pre-emption statute.

It calls for fines of up to $5000 to be collected from offending local officials and prohibits them from being defended at taxpayer expense. All Ky. gun owners should support HB 290 and urge their legislators to work to pass it.

Without this bill the work done to safeguard our rights is being made a mockery. Florida solved the problem of local governments infringing on gun owners rights and they rushed to get into compliance when they realized how much it would cost them to continue their lawless ways.

The pre-emption law already exists in Kentucky. We just want it enforced as written, with substantial penalties for those who refuse.

Unfortunately, partisan politics in Frankfort make it possible that this important bill may not get a hearing and a vote, and only YOUR intervention can ensure its passage.

Kentuckians of all parties and creeds must join together to force our politicians to put aside petty political differences and do what’s right for our citizens, just as we did in 1996 when we banded together to achieve the passage our outstanding concealed carry law, House Bill 40, now KRS 237.

This is a fight for all Kentuckians, not just those who live in the cities that are engaged in these abuses. This could spread to your hometown, or you may visit one of these places and be arrested under an illegal ordinance which could cost you thousands of dollars in legal fees, or even land you in jail. Failure to pass this bill may encourage other city and county governments to join Bardstown in this lawlessness.

If you want to stop these local governments from infringing your rights and liberties, take the time NOW to call your state legislators and urge them to support or co-sponsor HB 290.

Tell them that you expect the members of the House Committee on Local Government to move this bill out of committee and onto the House floor.

This is the most important gun legislation of the last 28 years. You can call the Capitol switchboard at 1-800-372-7181 and tell the operator you want to leave a message for all the members of the House Committee on Local Government.

That message is – “support HB290 and bring it to the House floor with a favorable report.”

We must work as citizens united to stop gun control from taking root in our cities and counties, and send a message to corrupt local officials that they, too, must obey Kentucky’s laws – ALL of Kentucky’s laws.

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