High-Capacity, Self-Defense Pistols – Inside GUNS Magazine 2012 April Issue

Everything A Gun Enthusiast Would Want In A High-Capacity, Self-Defense Pistol — Inside GUNS Magazine April Issue

GUNS Magazine 2012 April Issue
High-Capacity, Self-Defense Pistols - Inside GUNS Magazine 2012 April Issue
GUNS Magazine
GUNS Magazine

San Diego, Calif. –-(Ammoland.com)- In the April issue of GUNS Magazine, John Taffin admits that while he loves practicing with his older, beautifully customized sixguns, but if he was expecting trouble he would pack the Taurus 24/7 G2 instead.

He writes in the cover feature, “Day or Night,” that the gun seems like someone tried to include everything a gun enthusiast would want in a high-capacity, self-defense pistol.

“I’m not sure when they changed from being a follower to a leader, but Taurus has been both innovative and aggressive and shooters have benefited. A perfect example of the path Taurus is following can be seen in their newest semi-automatic pistol,” says Taffin. “Taurus obviously does not know how to do things in a small way.”

John Barsness writes about the differences in ammo and attitude of big-game hunters who fall into three categories: Traditionalists, Y2Ks and Averages. In his article “Classic or Modern,” he compares the pros and cons of sticking with ammo introduced before 1912, with that introduced after 2000, as well as the factory ammo that can be purchased everywhere.

In “Consolidation,” Mike “Duke” Venturino muses about semi-retirement and the need it would bring to cut back from reloading 48 different cartridges. Readers will find out which 17 firearms Duke would decide to keep — if he ever does retire!

Gun enthusiasts are also invited to visit www.gunsmagazine.com and read “Thunder Ranch HART” — this month’s exclusive online feature. American Handgunner editor Roy Huntington gives readers a glimpse of this High Angle Rifle Training course, originally designed for a group of SEALs.

In April’s Gun of the Month giveaway, readers can enter to win a PPS50/22 from Mitchell’s Mausers. The accessory package also includes a Titanium RAV 3 by Grayman Knives, Just Plugs hearing protection and a Three-Step Gun Car Kit from Mil-Comm.

GUNS all-digital edition is reaching more readers than ever. Finding the right article or resource is easier with the included hotlinks and search options. To sign up for a free digital subscription, visit www.gunsmagazine.com/digital-editions.

For more information, bonus features, expanded content and to read the April issue, visit www.gunsmagazine.com.

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