Houston Defensive Gun Use Story Lessons Fly In Face Of “Conventional Wisdom”

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Houston Defensive Gun Use Story Lessons Fly In Face Of “Conventional Wisdom”

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- “Mom Runs Burglars Off with Gun,” Damali Keith of MyFoxHouston reports.

“A couple of burglars chose the wrong woman to pick on,” she writes. “They came sneaking into her house, and she sent them running out. Perhaps they didn’t count on the woman fighting back, but that’s just what she did.”

Conventional wisdom” says kids and guns don’t mix. The gun she used to repel the home invader was a .22 rifle that belonged to her son.

Conventional wisdom” says get a dog for home defense. She had two, including a 200-pound English Mastiff, that the intruders were able to lock in a bathroom. Having neither a mind capable of tactical thought nor hands with which to open a door, the dog proved useless.

“Conventional wisdom” says give assailants what they want or they may hurt or kill you. What if that is what they want?

“Conventional wisdom” says dial 911 and let the police handle things. That, perhaps, is the most chilling thing about this story, as we learn from her 10-year-old son:

“I started calling 911. I called five times. They kept hanging up on me”

We learn that “after about 25 minutes of trying to call 911, deputies arrived.”

Admittedly, the story indicates the woman really wasn’t prepared and trained for home defense, as she fired the gun without meaning to. But that was enough to cause the burglars to flee, leaving her and her son unharmed.

True conventional wisdom, at least among people who actually have it, says we all should have the means to defend ourselves, our homes and our children, and that includes having the training and a plan to do so effectively.

Let’s hope this fortunate family takes the lessons the mom learned in her terrifying encounter and invests in preparedness for all its members.

Has your family?

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David Codrea is a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He is a field editor for GUNS Magazine, and a blogger at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance. Read more at www.DavidCodrea.com.

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Damn police are the LAST ones always on the crime scene armed, then all they want to do is take hours verifying that the crook's "rights" were not violated by the (probable 16 .22 bullets I just put through the burglars) while they are INSIDE my home against my wishes. The 911 operator has the tapes for the District Attorney, so he can prosecute both the felons AND the 911 operator(s). It's a crazy-mixed-up, world we live in. The liberal weenie judges are at fault for this.


She couldn't shoot a man in the back, huh? They'd both be at the morgue poste haste.


When seconds count, the police will be there in minutes!!!

….in the mean time, this is what you've been going to the range for, aim center mass, squeeze don't pull.


an English Mastiff while large, are a little too docile to make great guard dogs. Something with a little more "spark" like an American Bulldog, Fila Brasiliero, and many others would not have let that happen.

TRob ARob

As a Houstonian, I don't even see why people would attempt to burglarize and rob others when you KNOW just about everybody is carrying something or has it VERY handy. But, fools come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ethnicities around here. So, you kinda get what you bargain for.

Ned Weatherby

It's interesting that in today's Arizona Republic Newspaper, a paper that had consistently ridiculed concealed carry laws – claiming that gunfights would be happening over mundane things like arguments while standing in line a Starbucks, waiting at gas pumps etc. – published a column opposing guns college campuses written by 3 college security "police chiefs." Of course none of the "wild west gunfights" ever happened when the Republic first opposed concealed carry years ago. And, of course the police want everyone on school campuses disarmed – except, that is, for the bad guys who ignore laws anyway, and the "Only… Read more »


The police are not there to protect you, the Supreme Court said so. They are there to clean up the mess later.

Keep a gun within reach, learn how to use it and do not allow anyone into your home with out you knowing who they are.


Time and time again, we see that calling 911 never solves the immediate problem. The police don't carry guns to protect you, the carry them to protect themselves. Very often, they aren't even equal to *that* task.