Iowa Firearms Coalition Needs Your Help to Pass Pro-Second Amendment Bills

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IOWA – -( First off, I want to thank every one of you that has taken the time to utilize our Action Center (also on Facebook) to correspond with Representatives on our bills. Your hard work and willingness to be involved has helped Iowa Firearms Coalition, and the NRA, to move every one of our top priority bills through committee!

At the start of the legislative session IFC announced our four top priorities:

  • Iowa Constitutional Amendment for a Right to Keep and Bear Arms – HJR2009
  • Iowa Family Defense Act, Stand Your Ground – HF2215
  • Iowa Firearm Preemption Act, Preemption Reform – HF2361
  • Iowa Traditional Ammunition Defense Act – HJR2001 / SJR2001

Iowa Firearms Coalition is the leading Iowa-based Second Amendment rights organization in the state and we want to thank you for your support! Now we need your help on these important issues to keep them moving.

Special Announcement
Tomorrow on the Jan Mickelson Show, 1040 WHO Radio at 10:00 AM be sure to listen to Chris Cox, Executive Director of NRA-ILA and Pete Brownell, President of Iowa-based Brownell’s, NRA Board member and Iowa Firearms Coalition Board member. They will be talking firearms rights in Iowa!

This Innocent Man Lost Almost Everything
Mr. Lewis lived the nightmare that many of us could face if put into a similar position. Despite being found innocent of criminal charges he spent 112 days in jail and also lost his home and nearly all of his possessions. All because anti-gun Polk County Attorney John Sarcone, who is a frequent outspoken critic of pro-gun legislation, doesn’t believe that you or I should carry a firearm for self-defense.

Sarcone’s insensitive remarks on the situation:

“What Lewis’ case shows is that current law works, Sarcone said: “I don’t know why people are afraid of jury trials. I’m not.”

What Lewis’ case really shows is that innocent people could lose nearly everything just to clear their name. That is precisely why they might be afraid of jury trials. This is why the IFC and NRA have worked closely with Rep. Matt Windschitl to put solid law, HF 2215 Iowa Family Defense Act, in place that would protect Iowans from over-aggressive attorneys that have little regard for the welfare of innocent Iowans and what cost they may incur to prove they were in the right.

Please, click on our Action Center link today to let legislators know that we need to protect Iowans livelihoods when they are found innocent in self-defense situations. It’s time that Iowa law starts working to protect and honor Iowans!

Two Bills Ready For House Floor Need To Be Fixed!
We last updated you about two IFC/NRA bills that made it through committee, but with weakening amendments. The Constitutional Amendment for a right to keep and bears arms as well as Preemption Reform are both much weaker now and would not solve the problems they were originally crafted to address. Please click on our Action Center alert for these two bills and let legislators know that these bill need to be restored to their original language that honor the rights of Iowans!

Legislators took an oath of office to uphold the US Constitution. We need them to uphold their oath by honoring Iowans with language that isn’t currently under attack by liberal, anti-gun judges already. Iowa needs to ditch regressive gun control laws and start being a leader on the issue of firearms rights. It’s time for Iowa to pass a Constitutional Amendment that moves Iowa forward.

Preemption reform is another extremely important issue for Iowans. The intent of the legislature is being deliberately bypassed on an opinion by Attorney General Tom Miller that is designed to cause problems for law-abiding firearms owners. If this bill doesn’t pass with its original language and intent, hundreds of thousands of permit holders could be in danger of being charged with crimes for simply paying their water bill, having a family picnic at the local park, or by walking on ground that they aren’t even aware is owned by a political subdivision with anti-gun ordinances in place.

Please take time to utilize our Action Center and encourage law makers to move Iowa forward by passing laws that protects innocent, hard working Iowans.

  • Iowa Family Defense Act alert (Stand Your Ground / Castle Doctrine)
  • Constitutional Amendment / Preemption Reform alert

You can also take action quickly and easily on our Facebook page.

Please take the time to pass these alerts around to your friends and neighbors so we can send a strong, unified message to the Capitol!

Fighting for Second Amendment rights in Iowa,

Jeff Burkett
President – Iowa Firearms Coalition
NRA Endowment Member

About Iowa Firearms Coalition

The mission of the Iowa Firearms Coalition is to be THE firearms rights organization in Iowa, representing Second Amendment concerns for all firearms owners in the state. We will staunchly defend the rights of hunters and sportsmen as well as the rights of all Iowans to defend themselves and their loved ones. We seek to partner with other like-minded organizations to increase our effectiveness in accomplishing these goals. Visit:

Iowa Firearms Coalition

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Hello my name is lena and I'm part of the Second Amendment Foundation. I came across your website on google. Not sure if you have contacted our foundation yet. But I a sure you our found of SAF Alan M Gottlieb would love to hear about what's going on in your state to see if there is any way he can help. Here is a number you can call 12064547012. We are currently putting a fight against The Small Arms Trade Treaty with the first coalition against the UN, with more than 10 other countries on board.