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Tennessee’s fish and wildlife and the future of our hunting and fishing heritage are under attack.

Tennessee –-( Friends – Tennessee’s fish and wildlife and the future of our hunting and fishing heritage are under attack.

A small group of state representatives appear to be putting their personal interests over the public good.

Two key bills will be heard tomorrow, and we need your help. Here’s how you can make your voice heard:

Stop White-tailed Deer Farming from Destroying Tennessee’s Priceless Wild Deer Herd

Tennessee’s wild white-tailed deer belongs to you and me, the citizens of Tennessee. This resource supports an estimated 26,000 jobs and generates about $700 million a year for Tennessee’s economy.

If you’re passionate about hunting or wildlife watching, help us STOP state Rep. Frank Niceley from bringing white-tailed deer farming to Tennessee. His bill (HB3164) will allow for the privatization of white-tailed deer and the breeding and sale of this native species so that “trophy” deer can be shot inside small pens. This industry has been implicated in the rapid spread of Chronic Wasting Disease (a 100 percent fatal disease that, once introduced, cannot be stopped) and other diseases which have cost several states tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to combat.

Contact your legislator to oppose HB3164.

Support Tennessee’s Successful Fish & Wildlife Agency – Keep Petty Politics from Eliminating It

If you love hunting, fishing, boating, birdwatching or simply recognize the value of Tennessee’s natural resources, please help us by supporting HB2776. Rep. Jim Cobb, who chairs the House government operations committee, refuses to hear the bill that would reauthorize the TWRA and the Commission that governs it. Without the Commission, no fishing, hunting or trapping seasons can be set; no budget can be approved; no licenses or permits can be issued. The Tennessee Wildlife Federation has worked with House leadership to find a solution that will strengthen the Commission and our highly successful wildlife agency.

Contact your legislator to support HB2776.

Both of these bills are critical to the future of our state, and they will be voted up or down in committee tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 14. The links take you to our Legislative Action Center, where you can quickly send a message to the General Assembly. Your voice deserves to be heard! Please take five minutes TODAY and let them know where you stand.

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