Maryland vs Moses – The Antebellum Madea

Harriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman an Antebellum Madea
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Upper Marlboro, MD –-( The next historical figure that I highlight is no stranger to the subject of Black History.

Maybe you’ve seen the movie where Cicely Tyson portrayed Harriet Tubman in “A Woman Called Moses.”

Or perhaps you are somewhat familiar with the African American woman known has Harriet Tubman, that risked her life to rescue three hundred people from slavery. If not I want to share with you some things about her and the period in which she accomplished these great feats of daring for America.

Harriet was born c.1820 at the Edward Brodas plantation near a place called Bucktown, in Dorchester County, Maryland. This is on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Harriet was the 11th child born to Benjamin Ross and Harriet Greene (slaves of Edward Brodas), her given name was Araminta and she was often called “Minty” as a child. After she became an adult she called herself Harriet.

She was “loaned out” to several plantations as a child and suffering from hyperthermia and malnutrition got sick at the age of twelve. A year later, while defending a fellow slave who tried to run away, her overseer struck her in the head with a two pound weight. This resulted in recurring narcoleptic seizures, or “sleeping spells,” that bothered her the rest of her life.

She lived hard. She married twice but never had any children. On foot she escaped from Maryland in the middle of the night and fled to Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, worked and saved money to finance herself on the many return trips she made south to free her people getting the nickname “Moses.”

Harriet is the only African American woman of history that is commonly depicted with a firearm.

She was operating as a fugitive —considered as a crazy as a rabid animal with a bounty on her head.

During this time in American history, possession of a firearms was illegal for a person of color. This racism is the base of gun control today. The rationale was that a slave was not considered human, inferior and not responsible enough to have a gun without permission from his master. It was illegal to sell ammunition to a black person.

For these reasons, I take offense to people that repeat that “black people” shouldn’t have guns. A black woman with a gun freed three hundred people.

The pistol that Harriet Tubman was known to carry was probably a Navy Colt. A very large pistol that is not easy to conceal as a modern firearm.

Maryland Some Things are Slow to Change
She was from Maryland, “The Old Line State.” This is the beginning of the Mason Dixie line. The state of Maryland still holds onto racist based gun law past.  Like their discretionary self defense gun laws, meaning, not everyone gets a fair chance at getting a permit to carry a firearm. Maryland is a state that still has a Saturday Night Special provision, a another racist term that makes firearms cost more than they have to, economically impacting firearms access to the poor. It is a state that rations firearms with a one gun a month rule and has a Handgun Roster Board that prohibits certain firearms from being able to be sold in the state for cosmetic reasons. If the gun looks scary or was in a movie, it is a good chance you won’t be able to get it in Maryland.

One of the things I liked in the movie portrayal of Harriet Tubman is the instance where you see that Harriet had to pull her pistol on a man she was trying to save. He lost his resolve and wanted to return back to the plantation. Freedom was scary. Harriet told him that she would kill him before she let him return, knowing that he would die in the hands of the Slave Catchers that would torture him for information about her and any intel he had about the Underground Railroad.

Today we have people that haven’t thought through the gun control argument. I don’t think they understand where we’ve come from. They don’t want to admit that guns protect, and are the symbol of a free person.

On that I will never acquiesce. Gun ownership in America is what distinguishes us from the rest of the world. It is what makes us free. It is a low down dirty shame that young men choose to dishonor themselves and their heritage by becoming criminals.

American history is loaded with heroes that had to arm themselves to stay free. Moses was just one of them.

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Kenn Blanchard of Black Man with a Gun
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