National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day Inaugural Event June 9, 2012

National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day
National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day Inaugural Event June 9, 2012
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Manasquan, NJ –-( “Boys learn to shoot in Scouts or with their Dads,” said Lynne Fynch, author of Armed and Female Blog and creator of National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day.

“Often, the girls are left behind because shooting isn’t ‘girly.’ Well, we can, and do shoot, and well. Learning to shoot gives young women confidence, helps to build self-esteem, and introduces them to a sport they can participate in their whole lives.”

Lynne had assumed that most women came to shooting through a desire for self-defense, until she read “Shoot,” by world-champion shooter Julie Golob. Golob’s book describes the world of competitive shooting, and Lynne began to understand that women shoot for many different reasons and in many different capacities.

So she came up with idea for NTYDTTRD to celebrate the ever increasing number of women involved in shooting across the USA. Fifteen to twenty million women are gun owners themselves and many more have experienced shooting at the range with a gun belonging to a man in their lives.

On June 9th, 2012 head out to a range near you with your daughter, or niece or granddaughter – if you don’t have a daughter, adopt one for the day! In addition to opening up an opportunity to introduce a new generation of girls to a shooting tradition, ranges are making it a family event including snacks, door prizes and other give aways. Don’t leave your daughter at home anymore! Shooting builds confidence, responsibility and is a whole lot of fun!

If you are interested in being a sponsor or would like information on becoming a participating range – go to the new website ( . You can also visit them on Facebook to keep updated with the event or to offer your support.


About Shari Spivack;
I am a wife, mother and firearms instructor who has my own passion for shooting, teaching and continuing to educate myself with all types of firearms in a safe and responsible manner. It is always my pleasure to talk to other women gun owners – please feel free to contact me at

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