New Jersey Castle Doctrine Committee Volunteers Wanted

No Retreat
New Jersey Castle Doctrine Committee Volunteers Wanted

New Jersey –-( It is late at night in the dark of winter. You pull into your driveway with your wife and family in the car.

You notice something is not right. You KNOW that light was not on when you left your home. Is that broken glass by the front door. Suddenly someone comes running out of your house with a gun in their hand.

What do you do? If you live in New Jersey, you can do nothing but experience the sheer TERROR of knowing that you and your family are at the mercy of some low-life animal.


It’s the middle of the night, you think you hear something. You look out the window and you see someone breaking into your new car. Do you get your defensive handgun to protect yourself before going to your door. NOPE – not in New Jersey, unless you want to face a conviction for felony possession. Instead you can run to the phone and dial 911 as some (expletive deleted) career criminal drives away with $30,000.00 of your hard-earned money.

There are many other similar scenarios, all of which leave you, the law-abiding individual, to the whims of a potentially murderous dirt bag! The reason is that we who live and work in New Jersey are not protected by an adequate castle doctrine. This is a separate issue from being allowed to obtain a concealed carry permit. A Castle Doctrine is simply a body of laws which SHOULD be in place to protect our lives and loved ones when we are merely going about the daily routine of our lives, in our homes and vehicles.

I am not one to propose a problem without providing a solution. The solution is for us to form a DEDICATED sub-committee of the Legal/Legislative committee whose job it is to develop a comprehensive Castle Doctrine for New Jersey. Members will be able to glean the best ideas from those laws which are already in place in other states such as Pennsylvania, Virginia, Arizona and Florida. You don’t need a law degree to work on this committee. All that is required is a sincere belief and a desire to assist in the development and promotion of a comprehensive Castle Doctrine to protect our lives and loved ones.

It is my sincere belief that NOW IS THE TIME to begin working on this essential change to New Jersey’s Firearms Statutes. I personally refuse to believe we cannot achieve this goal. To those who say “Why not just go for the Holy Grail of CCW?”, all I can say is there are those we can convince to support a Castle Doctrine, who will NOT help us fight for CCW at THIS TIME. That is not to suggest that we will not go forward with plans to fight for CCW, but that may very well be decided in the courts.

A comprehensive Castle Doctrine is something *WE* can work toward RIGHT NOW!

If you agree, and would like to work on this committee, please contact [email protected] Please expect to be able to devote at LEAST one hour a week to this project. More is better.

Thank you,

Frank Jack Fiamingo
President – NJ2AS

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