SAR ARMS ST9 Semi-Automatic Pistol and SAR-PA Shotgun

SAR-PA Shotguns
SAR-PA Shotguns

Las Vegas, NV –-( SARSILMAZ/SAR ARMS USA presents the ST9 semi-automatic pistol and the SAR-PA (pump-action) Shotgun with Guns & Tactics at SHOT Show 2012.

SAR ARMS is a member of SAR ARMS International (SARSILMAZ) firearms group, which is one of the largest firearm manufacturers in the world. SAR ARMS products have been on the the world market for over 125 years.

SAR ARMS International (SARSILMAZ) also owns Legendary Italian manufacturer BERNARDELLI and has shares in other small firearms companies around the world.

SAR ARMS Products are preferred by the Turkish Military, NATO’s second largest military which means SAR ARMS products are BATTLE TESTED and COMBAT PROVEN.

SAR ARMS International exports to 66 countries around the world.

SAR ARMS is one of the best-kept secrets, for Small Arms Manufacturers in the world today. You can pay for a more famous name, but it will not be hard to find a better product.

SAR ARMS produces, exports and imports hunting/sporting/law enforcement/military shotguns and handguns.

SAR ARMS has s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility utilizing CAD/CAM systems and CNC technology. SAR ARMS is one the most modern Small Arms Manufacturers in the world today.

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Jake Narksavee

I am unable to find any gun dealers carry SAR ST9, but offer the same features, caliber and pistol frame on SARGUN 9mm [Part No. 400459] with exception to the slide of the pistol. SAR ST9 has front and back serration compare to SARGUN 9mm has only rear serration. Are these the same pistol? From some of the websites I found SAR ST9 offers 2-magazine but only one offered in SARGUN 9mm. Are these the same manufacture from Turkey as it seems from some websites published that it may also be manufactured by POF in Pakistan. May be you could… Read more »