Train Hard and Bleed Less with Spartan Tactical

Spartan Tactical Training Shot
Train Hard and Bleed Less with Spartan Tactical
Spartan Tactical
Spartan Tactical

Keller, TX –-( When it comes to mission success and being the best, realistic combat focused training is very important for military and law enforcement agencies.

It will be the determining factor between a successful or a failed mission.

For that type of training, there is no instructional school more combat proven than Spartan Tactical.

With a training staff that has been in harm’s way in combat and on the streets, the instructors of Spartan Tactical realize what’s important and relevant in the training arena. No matter what type of course you take with Spartan Tactical, their no-nonsense approach to instruction will guarantee that you become a better tactical shooter.

Because of the relationship that Spartan Tactical has with military and law enforcement units, they are able to offer the most up-to-date and relevant training available. All training given by Spartan Tactical has been tried and proven in combat by some of the best military units on the planet. Spartan Tactical’s primary focus in the past has been with the US military because of the Global War on Terror. Now that the GWOT is drawing down, Spartan Tactical offers civilian and hunting oriented courses.

Spartan Tactical is owned and operated by decorated combat veteran Jim Smith. Jim is a former U.S. Army Special Ops Operator and has more than 25 years of tactical firearms instruction experience. Jim was the primary sniper in Blackhawk “Super 61” during the Blackhawk Down incident in Mogadishu, Somalia. He was awarded the Sliver Star and Purple Heart for combat actions during that event. He is a certified FBI Combatives Instructor, Federal Firearms Instructor and a SOTIC Certified Sniper Instructor. Jim has trained numerous U.S. military units and foreign military units along with both state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Military courses offered include: Military Carbine, Pistol Instructor, PSD Operator, Advanced Combat Skills (pre-deployment), Designated Rifle Marksman, Combat Sniper, and Ultra Long-Range Combat Sniper. The courses consist of classes followed by demonstrations, training and practice. Courses are not limited to those listed and custom courses can be developed upon request. Spartan Tactical’s team of subject matter experts will organize, train and evaluate your unit in all aspects of combat operations.

Law enforcement courses include but are not limited to: Tactical Pistol, Tactical Patrol Rifle, Tactical Operations, Precision Rifle, Helicopter Operations, Federal Flight Deck Officer, and Operator’s Medical Course. All of the courses are available in intermediate, advanced and instructor packages. Each consists of classes, demonstrations, training and practice. Upon completion of any Spartan Tactical Law Enforcement course, your department or team’s tactical efficiency and survivability will be exponentially increased.

Some of the in-depth civilian and hunter oriented courses are: Tactical Pistol, Tactical Patrol Rifle, Precision Rifle, Female Personal Protection, Long-Range Hunter and Tactical Hunter Gas Gun Course. These courses were created using the same successful formula that has propelled Spartan Tactical to the top of the Military and Law Enforcement Training market.

The Spartan Tactical Range Complex is located on a 17 square-mile ranch in a remote area of Texas similar in terrain to Africa or Afghanistan. The large area allows the flexibility to perform numerous tactical scenarios at varying ranges, terrains and firing angles.

For more information on Spartan Tactical LLC, including a complete list of courses, pricing and availability, please visit

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