Treating Firearms Like We Do Cars? Yeah … Lets Do That!


Treating Firearms Like We Do Cars? Yeah … Lets Do That!

Manasquan, NJ –-( One of the most common arguments from those that support gun control is the idea that “we should treat guns and gun ownership just like we do cars, requiring registration and licensing.”

So I thought it would be a fun and informative exercise to explore that idea, while simultaneously blowing a gaping .50 caliber hole in what passes for logic in those circles.

So, anti gun proponents wish to have the same restrictions on firearms use and ownership as are applied to cars ? Lets see exactly what that world would look like.

Simply substitute the words guns or firearms in place of the words vehicle or cars in the enumerated list and see what happens.

Applying the same Federal and State Laws to guns that we currently do to vehicles would mean this:

  • There is NO restriction barring people from taking their vehicles to any other State in the Country.
  • There is NO minimum age of any kind in order to operate a vehicle on private property
  • There is NO requirement to register a vehicle for use on private property
  • There is NO requirement to provide “safe storage” of any vehicle in order to prevent unauthorized access or use.
  • There is NO background check of any kind performed when one buys a vehicle, regardless of whether or not that purchase takes place at an ” authorized dealer ” or in a private, face to face transaction.
  • There is NO requirement to have or possess a license or demonstrate safety, or proficiency with the operation of a vehicle or the motor vehicle code provided that vehicle is operated only on private property.
  • There is NO requirement to report your vehicle as “lost or stolen” to the proper authorities.
  • There are NO limitations on the number, style, appearance, type, or capability of vehicles a person may purchase, with or without a criminal history of any kind. Remember, John Dupont tooled around his estate in Delaware in an M113 Armored Personnel Carrier.

The only limitation on acquiring as many different types of vehicles as one wants, including ones that are easily capable of mind boggling performance and going three times the highest legal speed limit in the Country is the depth of one’s wallet.

So what does all this mean when the same standards are applied to firearms?

  • Any law or system requiring licensure, “permits” or any other form of permission slip issued by the government goes out the window.
  • Citizens can buy, use and own as many different types of weapons as they can afford to purchase, including fully automatic weapons (currently heavily regulated under the National Firearms Act of 1934)
  • Safe storage laws for firearms go away
  • Age restrictions on use or possession of a firearm on any private property the person has the legal right to be on go away
  • Lost and Stolen reporting laws go away
  • Background Checks go away
  • Any form of “registration,” whether explicit or implicit goes away
  • All laws regarding the Interstate movement of firearms by Citizens goes away
  • Any form of “rationing” such as NJ’s infamous “One Gun a Month” Law goes away

Maybe the anti gun groups and their supporters were on to something all along. Sounds like treating firearms just like vehicles is significantly closer to what the Founding Fathers had in mind then what we have now. Nah, more likely the gun grabbers and their zombie like followers are incapable of critical thinking or the unintended consequences of their ridiculous agenda.

Then there’s always that inconvenient truth that the Second Amendment is a specifically enumerated and protected Fundamental Right, while no such “right to own a vehicle” exists anywhere in over 200 years of the history of the United States or its jurisprudence.

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Steve Tait

Quote may be from here (or many others like it). “Licenses, registrations: Treat guns like car” s


Your introductory paragraph contains a purported quote. Who are you actually quoting? Looks like a strawman.

Bill Goldberg

Looks like you’re the one creating a strawman.


um yeah john duponts estate was in delaware county pa not delaware if you can't manage to get your geography correct what other facts didn't you get right?


I was driving my FN-FAL down the range the other day and ran out of ammo. I had to call in AAA for support.

John W Tobin

Tell ya what! If I were to buy a used car from Joe Citizen I would not be giving him my SSN (Selected Slave Number).


But what if you want to take it off your property.


The car moving at 60 mph has hundreds thousands of foot pounds of energy. They can kill you your friends and a bus load of others. A gun has 1000 to 500 ft lbs of energy. Everyone is allowed to drive a car unless you are blind. If a gun causes crime a car must cause drunk driving.


Brian, do you have a statutory reference to support your contention ? Cause I've bought no less then 10 vehicles over the course of 15 years in private transactions and NEVER " had to " nor even been asked for ANY ID of any kind. Im not saying it doesnt happen, but I think your confusing the requirements to get a loan vs paying for something in cash. And being required to provide ID in order to secure a loan has everything to do with getting a loan for anything (not just cars ) and has nothing to do with… Read more »


If a person is not competent to have a gun, should they be driving?

Brian Winters

In nJ you have to show a drivers license and give your social security number to purchase a car new or used from a private individual or dealer. I still agree Nj especially would be a better place fro gunowners if we treated guns like cars.


Thx Rosen edited accordingly

Rosen Otter

Er, that was John DuPont who had the M113, as I recall seeing it several times.


Don't forget that mufflers (ie. suppressors) would be freely available and come installed on all firearms. And just like with mufflers on cars the use of suppressors would be considered necessary from a public safety issue standpoint.