Tweet NJ Governor Christie On The Right To Keep And Bear Arms

Governor Christie
Governor Christie

New Jersey –-( After the address, join the conversation on how to build a better and brighter state. Send @GovChristie a tweet on Twitter using the hashtag #jerseycomeback.

For those of you who use Twitter – this is an opportunity to show both Governor Christie and those who follow him how important the restoration and preservation of the right to keep and bear arms is to you and to the nation. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL!

It is EXTREMELY important that we be seen as the rational, decent, law-abiding individuals that we *ARE*. As angry as we sometimes get at our leaders, it is important that we stick to the fundamentals of our mission. Keep your TWEETS short and to the point. Think about what is most important to you.

Not being an avid “twitterer” myself, I have been informed that TWEETS are limited to 140 characters. One of our members Keith Bratcher has supplied the following “Twitter Friendly messages” that you can copy and paste in separate messages…

  • ‎@GovChristie Governor Christie please help NJ initiate a stronger Castle Doctrine? #jerseycomeback
  • ‎@GovChristie One Gun A Month hurts legit firearms enthusiasts, does nothing to stop crime. #jerseycomeback
  • @GovChristie The Right to CCW for defense is a constitutional right enjoyed in most states, why are we being denied the right #jerseycomeback
  • @GovChristie Please support the Citizens Protection Act for NJ residents #jerseycomeback

Obviously, you may create your own as well – but they cannot exceed the 140 character limit or else they will be truncated (I guess). You all probably know a LOT better than me. I am STILL trying to figure out “hash marks”. 🙂

Thanks Keith, and thank you all for your cooperation.

Together we *WILL* restore and PRESERVE the RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS in New Jersey and throughout our great nation. We are a nation of INDIVIDUALS who still believe fervently in FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY! Our leaders have been allowed to become complacent. They have been playing “fast and loose” with our rights and freedoms. They are about to REDISCOVER the original spirit of the people of New Jersey who fought bravely for their INDEPENDENCE once, and are willing to do so again. I am so very proud to be a part of this *AMAZING* movement.

Frank Jack Fiamingo
President – NJ2AS


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