VA Concealed Handgun Permit Privacy Bill Killed

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Covington, VA –-( HB 25, which would protect the information on your concealed handgun permit application from being given out, was killed in the Senate Courts of Justice committee yesterday.

It would have passed, but neither Senator Norment nor Senator Edwards supported protecting your privacy, and both of them should have done so.

Senator Edwards told me afterwards that a Circuit Court Clerk may withhold CHP information from dissemination. But that statement was only partially true. The Clerk may withhold the CHP holder’s Social Security Number and nothing else.

If you live in Senator Edward’s district, let’s ask him POLITELY to bring that bill up for a revote and ask him to change his vote to support the bill and get it out of committee.

Senator Edwards email address: [email protected]

Suggested subject: Reconsider the vote on HB 25

Suggested message:

Dear Senator Edwards,

Since a Circuit Court Clerk does NOT have the option to withhold all identifying information about concealed handgun permit holders and you voted on the prevailing side, please ask the Courts of Justice committee to reconsider its vote on HB 25. Please SUPPORT the bill on this revote and get it passed out of committee. I want my privacy protected from those who might do me harm. There is no reason this information needs to be given out.

For those living in Senator Norment’s district, here is his email address. Ask him POLITELY to bring HB 25 back up by reconsidering the vote and to support it this time:

Senator Norment: [email protected]


Yesterday, the following events happened in the Senate Courts of Justice committee:

  1. HB 14, Delegate Habeeb’s Castle Doctrine bill which provides civil immunities, was killed by a vote of 8 to 7.
  2. HB 48, Delegate Richard Bell’s Castle Doctrine bill which provides criminal immunity, was modified to only provide civil immunity and was further modified to clarify that it wouldn’t harm current common law protections, passed by 8 to 7. Senator Norment voted AGAINST HB 14, but FOR HB 48, even though both bills were virtually identical after they were modified in committee. I was as confused as everyone else.
  3. HB 22, Delegate Cole’s bill to require localities to try to sell firearms instead of destroying them, passed by 8 to 6, with 1 abstention.
  4. HB 25, Delegate Cole’s bill to protect CHP hold information from being given out by Circuit Court Clerks, was killed by an 8 to 7 vote. Two pro-gun votes we should have had, but didn’t get, were Senator Norment and Senator Edwards. If either had voted for the bill, it would have made it. See Action Item above.
  5. HB 26, Delegate Cole’s bill to provide a $25 civil fine instead of a class 1 misdemeanor if a person forgets his CHP while carrying concealed, pass out unanimously.
  6. HB 375, Delegate Pogge’s bill to allow employees of localities to store their firearms in their private vehicles while at work, was not heard due to Delegate Pogge being ill. That bill will be heard and voted on next Monday.
  7. HB 754, Delegate Cline’s bill to repeal the local option to fingerprint first time CHP holders as if they are criminals, passed by a 9 to 6 vote.

Today at 5 PM the House Militia, Police, and Public Safety subcommittee #1 is going to hear the following bills:

  • SB 245, Senator Obenshain, protects your right to carry and transport a firearm during a declared emergency. VCDL STRONGLY SUPPORTS
  • SB 554, Senator Favola, disarms a person while in the dwelling of the “victim”, which could be the person’s own home – all without due process. VCDL STRONGLY OPPOSES
  • SB 563, Senator Ruff, clean up bill for the concealed carry code. VCDL STRONGLY SUPPORTS
  • SB 573, Senator Carrico, allows Capitol Police to destroy guns in their possession if they choose to do so. VCDL IS NEUTRAL

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