Victory for Concealed Carry in Forsyth County, NC

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Victory for Concealed Carry in Forsyth County, NC

North Carolina –-( The approved ordinance not only allows concealed carry in all parks, recreational facilities, trails, greenways, etc., but also adds a provision for keeping one’s gun locked in a vehicle in ANY county property – meaning county properties beyond parks.

The only exceptions to allowing concealed carry in parks are Tanglewood (where alcohol may be sold and consumed) and Triad, which is partially controlled by less-enlightened Guilford County.

Kudos to commissioners Debra Conrad, Richard V. Linville and Gloria D. Whisenhunt for their favorable votes. Particular thanks are extended to commissioner Bill Whiteheart who worked with pro-carry advocates in drafting this excellent ordinance.

Negative votes were cast by Walter Marshall and Everette Witherspoon.

Not content with crossing only the Second Amendment, Marshall seemed also to go after the Fourth by suggesting law-enforcement should be posted in parks to determine if concealed carriers are “good intentioned”. Invoking the now tired contention of permittees “losing it,” Witherspoon expressed concern about basketball games getting heated and violent. David R. Plyler previously spoke against park carry, but did not attend the meeting to vote.

Gun-owners are cautioned that this ordinance must now pass a second reading before it is enacted. The pressure needs to continue until final passage!

Contact the Forsyth County Commissioners

Email Commissioners Conrad, Linville, Whisenhunt and Whiteheart and thank them for their Second Amendment support!

Email Commissioners Plyler, Marshall and Witherspoon and encourage them to respect the rights of free Americans to defend themselves EVERYWHERE including Forsyth County parks.


Dear Commissioners,

Thank you very much for respecting the Second Amendment rights of those visiting Forsyth County parks. Please do everything in your power to get this ordinance through the second reading and final enactment.

An NC gun-owner and voter


Dear Commissioners,

I am disappointed by your lack of respect for the Second Amendment. Free Americans have the God-given right to bear arms EVERYWHERE.

The evidence is clear: where these rights are restricted are dangerous.

Where have mass-murders occurred? Where have child abductions, rapes and murders most often occurred? Claiming no reason for citizens to be lawfully armed in parks is wrong. Every American has personal responsibility for self-defense and the defense of family.

Do you expect a 120 lb mother to defend herself and children against 250 lb criminals unarmed? If you believe that Forsyth County parks are immune to abductions/rapes/murders you are mistaken. It is not a matter of if, but when.

I urge you to reconsider your flawed position.

An NC gun-owner and voter

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