What Would You Do With $40? Obama Asks For Pictures

1911 money iStock-1218242502
1911 money iStock-1218242502

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- “Do you remember the ‘40 dollars’ stories back in December?” a February 14 White House email from David Plouffe, Senior Advisor to the President begins.

Why yes I do.

“Then you shared your stories,” Plouffe continues. “Thousands of Americans from different circumstances all spoke out with the same voice, and it was undeniably powerful.”

Thanks, Mr. Plouffe. I thought so too.

Now the White House wants to hear from us again.  But first, they ask us to watch a video explaining “Why Your Voice Matters”.

I never got an invitation to participate, so I guess my voice wasn’t one of those “same” ones they were looking for.

But back to Plouffe’s email:

And this time, we want to put a face to your voice. So take a minute to snap a photo. And if you can, show us what you’ll have to give up without that extra money in your paycheck. We’ll use images from Americans around the country on WhiteHouse.gov to show how the payroll tax cut helps real people.

Share your picture and story today.

Well, OK then. The picture’s right there accompanying this article. [Ed note: this is an archived story from 2012, and the photo is no longer available.] $40 would let me get a couple more magazines, or several boxes of 7.62×39 FMJ ammo. And while the gun is unarguably one the administration doesn’t want me to have, it is, regretfully, not one that their “Justice Department” had walked down to Mexico—I say “regretfully,” because in my hands it would not be used to victimize innocents.  Still, I did try my best to be a “gun felon” and make sure it was “illegal”—for several years.

I note the White House submission form they’ve set up asks for a link to a photo or video. I’ve actually got three videos I’d like them to see (one in the sidebar media player, and the other two here and here, courtesy of gunlawshow.com), so I’ll just send them a link to this article after it publishes (see sidebar slide show).

Not that I expect them to accept my input as “appropriate.”  Hell, I’ll be lucky if they don’t perceive it as a threat instead of as protected political speech. If that doesn’t put you off, feel free to send your own message by clicking here and sharing your story.  It may not be the “same voice” they’re looking for, but enough voices will be “undeniably powerful.”

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