Women and Guns – How to Get Your Lady to the Range

By David Gonzales

Women and Guns: How to Get Your Lady to the Range

Albuquerque, NM –-(Ammoland.com)- Please watch FateofDestinee in this initial video directing viewers to a second video in this series that may best suit them.

I watched the Guys Only link in this video (check out the Girls Only link too!). I found that she made some interesting points about how to get your “significant other” to the gun range.

No Don’t
She first starts with a list of three things not to do. The first of which is “Don’t start too BIG!” Meaning, don’t start your lady out with a very large caliber firearm that will be uncomfortable to shoot.

Her second don’t is “Start Cold.” The intent here is to familiarize your partner with how the gun functions before going the range.

Third, she says to not start out “competing” with your partner and show how much better you shoot. I really hope no one would do that!

Yes Do
Her second list of three things to “Do” is excellent when item number one is practice safety! At this point, I would also strongly suggest that you discuss the rules and safety commands of the gun range and what to do if the gun malfunctions.

Secondly, she also mentions practicing technique. This is a great suggestion. The first time I took my sister to the range I made sure to really stress gun safety and range safety but I did not thoroughly show her how to hold the pistol she had chosen to shoot that day causing her to get a minor case of slide-bite on her first shot. Luckily that incident did not dissuade her from continuing. However, I definitely concur that practicing technique before even going to the range is mandatory.

The third item on her list of Do’s is compromise. That your partner probably does not want to go to the range and is probably going just to make you happy. From what I’ve seen I agree that most women initially do not want to go to the range. However, after just a few trips they usually love it as they become more comfortable and see how empowering the experience can be. Plus the recent trend of gun manufacturers marketing  to women is happening more and more, read Women and Their Guns.

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