Arsenal Firearms launches the AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol

AF2011 A1 "Second Century" Double barrel pistol
AF2011 A1 "Second Century" Double barrel pistol

Arsenal Firearms launches the AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol

Arsenal Firearms
Arsenal Firearms

Italy -( Arsenal Firearms, the brand new group of companies established during 2010 and officially debuting at IWA 2012 on March the 9th, proudly announces the first production double barrel semiautomatic pistol in history.

Named AF2011-A1 “Second Century” (reading “Twentyeleven”) as a true commemoration of the legendary Colt 1911, this extraordinary pistol not only adds a second barrel to the the second century life of a myth: it actually opens a whole new world of pistol shooting capabilities and opportunity, both for the collector, the sports shooter and the hunter.

The AF2011-A1 couldn’t initially be offered in any other caliber but the legendary and original .45 ACP: and so it is, a powerful double, simultaneous .45 bullets shooting pistol capable of incredible stopping power, accuracy and target performance.

Later in 2012, Arsenal Firearms will offer the AF2011-A1 Second Century also chambered for the powerful and flat-shooting .38 Super Auto, as well as a combination of the two calibers: this mix-caliber pistol, already undergoing intensive testing, will also break new barriers and offer to the self defence shooter or the hunter an unprecedented opportunity of a high penetrating and powerful stopper at each pull of the trigger.

AF2011 A1 "Second Century" Double Barrel Pistol Top

A long slide, compensated and ported version of the AF2011-A1 Second Century pistol is also in the works and will be launched during 2013: this edition of the pistol is designed more with the sport shooter and the hunter in mind and will not follow the commemorative “A1” lines of the Second Century edition.

For a full chart of the technical specification, finishes available and the media downloadable Hi-Res image bank, please go to the website

  • 45 thoughts on “Arsenal Firearms launches the AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol

    1. Arsenal Firearms has the prices posted for the AF 2011. They range from $4400 – $4500 USD. They also have holsters and mag holders. I just looked at the price on 01-08-13.

    2. Like your site. I have a Fox Sterlingworth 16ga double gun with dual triggers and dual independent automatic ejectors. Anybody know what it might be worth? It was given to me by my Grandfather .

    3. This was with the ATF. It was supposed to be proccessed before the end of Sept. Do we know their decision? If approved, who is the distributor?

    4. All I have to say is , how much . I will have the 2011 to go with all my 1911s . Yes doing it right .

    5. I’m drooling over it just like the rest of you. If any of you find out where to get one PLEASE do the right thing and share the info with the rest of us. I promise to do the same so help me GOD.

    6. I’m planning a trip to Italy in the near future and would appreciate it very much if someone could send me the location and contact
      information of Arsenal Firearms. I’m thinking about purchasing one of these hand guns while in Italy.

    7. I would really like to order one of these pistols, how do I get one ordered and what is the cost of this pistol?

      1. I would like to purchase the item asap. pls inform the price and necessary documents. +919862357217

    8. I have one of the original demos for this firearm. Skeptical did not begin to cover the lack of respect I gave to this pistol. Suffice it to say, with 5 different 1911’s in my personal armory, this 45 is now one of my personal favorites. I was apprenticed in handgun techniques is 1959 on a 1911, I have always had a special place in my heart. Try one if you’re range allows demo days, but don’t get mad at me when your wife asks where the money went.

    9. Reminds me of the Tennessee Ernie Ford song “16 Tons” lyrics “if the right one don’t get you, then the left one will”

    10. I’d say they thought of round timing early on – remember folks they used to shoot bullets through spinning props in WWI. If you look closely in the video you can see the right casing ejects first. I’m pushing up my glasses and shaking my head ever so slightly…. google.

    11. NICE ! As long as projectiles don’t interfere with each other…….that could be a real problem. Probably never happen at close range though !

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