California Game Commissioner Responds to Animal Rights Wackos’ Resignation Demands

California Fish and Game Commission President, Dan Richards
California Fish and Game Commission President, Dan Richards Hunting in Idaho

Sacramento, CA –-(  After animal-rights interests– led by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) – launched an all-out campaign seeking the removal of California Fish and Game Commission President, Dan Richards for being a hunter.

Back Story: Richards was photographed with a mountain lion he killed on a legal hunt in Idaho, and the photograph has been circulating on the Internet. It is illegal to hunt and kill a mountain lion in California, but it is legal to do so in Idaho. Richards had the proper license and tag to kill the cougar.

They were joined in their effort by members of the California State Assembly in demanding that he resign from his position as Game Commission President.

What follows is the State Assembly Letter and California Fish demanding his resignation and below that Game Commission President, Dan Richard’s stern response letter.

CA State Assembly Letter to Dan Richards

Game Commission President, Dan Richard’s response letter.

Richards Letter

Mr. Richard’s letter was direct, factual, and to the point. He has every right to continue to practice legal, ethical hunting, backed up by conservation based on science and not feel-good policy. God bless men like Dan Richards who are the tip of the spear in the fight against the anti-hunting minority.

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Ron Wilcher

Repeel the law to kill Mt Lions. There are to many. I live 3 miles from town and have for 23 years. Some of the people have lost sheep, one can no longer raise them any more due to Mt Lions. All the deer are gone. We find bones and skin from his kills. My used to go for walks almost everyday. and does not feel safe doing so any more. The new laws make it so we can't care a gun with us for self protection.

You people need to wake up.