CMP Supports 4-H Shooting Sports

Wisconsin 4-H Shooting Sports
Wisconsin 4-H Shooting Sports

CAMP PERRY, OHIO – -( The CMP annually supports 4-H Shooting Sports. Below are two Thank Yous from State 4-H Shooting Sports Coordinators.

Wisconsin 4-H Shooting Sports: Thanks for the support. The CMP funding is very helpful in supporting our Wisconsin 4-H Shooting Sports program. The funding goes to help us provide 4-H Shooting Sports adult certifications which provide our 4-H youth with shooting instructors.

Last year Wisconsin 4-H certified 122 adults from 43 counties across the state. These adult instructors return to their home county and offer instructions at local ranges like the rifle training in the picture. Thank you

Oklahoma 4-H Shooting Sports: Shooting Sports is one of the most popular projects offered through Oklahoma 4-H and currently has an enrollment in excess of 6,000 members statewide with more than 500 active shooting sports instructors.

Not only does this project develop important life skills, but it also has been instrumental in attracting male volunteers to serve as positive role models.

In the last five years, we have developed 16 educational presentations related to youth development, risk management and liability, teaching methods and learning styles, the importance of diversity, ethical decision making and experiential learning for use during certification workshops.

We also have revised the state Shooting Sports Policy, modified certification training requirements to meet national standards, offered new shooting sports disciplines, and expanded state contests to include events for all disciplines. Statewide enrollment in this project has increased 12 percent since 2006.

Funds received through CMP are used to offset certification costs and to purchase targets and equipment.

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