Congressional Sportsmen Foundation’s Tracking the Capitols for March 15 2012

Legislation iStock via NRA-ILA
Legislation iStock via NRA-ILA

Washington, DC –-( Tracking the Capitols is a weekly compilation of legislation currently being tracked by the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation State Policy Team to keep you informed on legislation affecting hunting, angling, trapping, and other conservation issues.

The purpose of this weekly update is to highlight for NASC members and partners specific examples of sportsmen’s bills, to keep you informed of what is occurring in your neighboring states, and to recognize those caucus members who have introduced them.

Introduced Pro-Sportsmen:

Kentucky SB 199
Intro Date: 3/5/2012
Sponsor: Senator Robin Webb – NASC Executive Council Vice President, Kentucky Sportsmen’s Caucus Chair
Issue Brief: Public Access to Private Lands; Conservation Tax Incentives

Summary: An Act relating to the use of private and public lands. Creates a new section of KRS Chapter 141 and amends KRS 141.0205 to establish an income tax credit for donated conservation easements; creates new sections of KRS Chapter 148 to establish the Kentucky Mountain Trail Corporation and provide for its operation; authorizes the establishment of the Kentucky Mountain Region Recreational Area.

Minnesota HB 2664
Intro Date: 3/5/2012
Issue Brief: Crossbows

Summary: A bill for an act relating to game and fish; allowing persons age 55 or older to hunt with a crossbow; amending Minnesota Statutes 2010, section 97B.035, subdivision 1.

Moving this Week:

Indiana SB 315
Intro Date: 1/5/2012
Sponsor: Senator Randall Head, Senator Brent Steele, and Senator Jean Leising – Indiana Sportsmen’s Caucus Members
Issue Brief: Licenses; Recruitment

Summary: Charity gaming. An effort to keep charity fundraising efforts alive and competitive in Indiana. Establishes an annual comprehensive charity gaming license for qualifying national organizations, including Sportsmen’s groups, eliminating some of the need for separate annual raffle licenses, single event raffle licenses, and door prize licenses. Reduces (from 5 to 3) the number of years an organization must be in Indiana to receive a charitable gaming license.

Status: Passed House on March 8 and Senate on March 9.

South Carolina HR 4805
Intro Date: 2/22/2012
Sponsor: Representative W. Brian White and Representative Michael Pitts – South Carolina Sportsmen’s Caucus Chair and NASC Executive Council President
Issue Brief: American System of Conservation Funding

Summary: Wildlife and sport fish restoration program. A house resolution to recognize and honor the wildlife and sport fish restoration program and to congratulate the partners in this program for seventy-five years of progress in wildlife conservation.

Status: Adopted by the House on February 22.

Washington HB 1508
Intro Date: 1/24/2011
Sponsor: Representative Dean Takko
Issue Brief: Range Protection

Summary: HB 1508-S.E – (As of House second reading 2/13/12) Provides a sport shooting range with an affirmative defense to a nuisance action based on noise or noise pollution.

Status: The Washington Senate did not consider HB 1508 before the cutoff date and the bill was returned to the House Rules Committee for third reading. It is unlikely that the proposal will be considered by the Senate during the anticipated special session because it is not a budget matter.

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