Georgia Silencer Hunting Bill Needs Your Help

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Georgia Silencer Hunting Bill Needs Your Help. IMG NRA-ILA

Georgia –-( Last week industry professionals, citizens, and elected officials spoke out in the Georgia House Game, Fish, and Parks Committee in support of Senate Bill 301.

SB301 would allow hunters in Georgia to use lawfully-possessed suppressors on firearms for hunting.

The bill has not yet been scheduled for another hearing and the current legislative session is nearing an end.

As an Ambassador for the American Silencer Association, we urge you to reach out to State Representative Jon Burns (R-157), the Chairman of the House, Game, Fish, and Parks Committee.

Please contact Rep. Burns TODAY respectfully urging him to schedule a hearing for SB301 before time runs out. Georgia is counting on your immediate action! We ask you to contact him with this message:

Representative Jon G. Burns (R-157), Chairman,

As a member of the American Silencer Association, I would like to voice my support of Senate Bill 301 and the legalization of suppressor use while hunting in the state of Georgia.

Thank You.

Email the Georgia Representative at [email protected]
Or contact him directly at 404.656.5099

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