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    1. I’ve got the PF9 and I take it to the range along with my XDm 9. The keltec has never failed to fire. It’s accurate and a good concealed gun. My only gripe is the amount of rounds in the mag. I’m now looking at the KelTec P 11. It can hold a lot more rounds with the smith and wesson model 59 (I think) magazines. 15 rounds is better than 8 in the PF9. I guess I’m just an ammo junky and in love with the XDm that holds 20 rounds.

    2. The early production models did have their share of failures. The newest production models (ser# Sxxxxxx) are great guns and are reliable assuming you read the manual. I have a Shield which I love but picked up a PF9 recently and really like it!

    3. I don’t know why Kel-Tec get many negative reviews. I held my opinion until I tried it myself and fired around 2000 9mm rounds with it. It’s one awesome handgun. Feels great in the hand and very easily concealed.

    4. I think some ppl are just gun snobs, Have been reading reviews on the PF9,… Seen allot of snobish comments, I tend not to listen, Have seen allot of good stuff on the little gun, Hope I can say for sure as I am getting mine in about a week.. So I shall see how horrid it is for myself…

    5. Bought it fired it and love it ,live in Cocoa.Think they get a bad rapp,from other hatters.Thinking about buying another one today.

    6. I own a glock 23 .two berrettas,khar.sig,taurus, and a pf9. Glock and Berretts are 40 cal and dead on accurate, but almost two lbs. loaded. Icarry the pf9 at 15 ozs. loaded and I shoot 6in groups at 40ft. I recommend this weapon and I believe Kel-Tel gets a bad rap because of low price point. I have 3 other KT models and totally satisfied.

    7. I had a pf9 that could not make it through a magazine without having a faliure to eject. I had Keltec send me another extractor kit and I doubled up on the extractor plates. Now it is the best gun I have. I have personally put two hundred rounds through it and not have had a single problem. Try it for your selves, Keltec will mail you another extractor free and fast.

    8. Unlike Dennis, I love my Kel-Tec. Best gun ever. I am guessing operator error on Dennis’s part. I hit my target at the range on all 7 rounds!!!

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