Nebraska Legislature Places Right to Hunt & Fish Amendment on 2012 Ballot

Nebraska State Flag
Nebraska State Flag

Charlotte, NC –-( Yesterday, the Nebraska Legislature passed NRA-backed Legislative Resolution 40CA, the Right to Hunt and Fish constitutional amendment, by a 41 to 3 vote.

This action places this issue on the general election ballot this November.

Introduced by state Senator Pete Pirsch (NP-4), LR 40CA proposes an amendment to the Nebraska Constitution recognizing the citizens’ right to hunt and fish.  It would provide meaningful protections against the anti-hunting extremists who seek to ban all hunting in America.

Ratification by voters in the 2012 general election of this constitutional amendment will preserve Nebraska’s rich hunting and fishing heritage for future generations.  LR 40CA would also ensure that Nebraska’s wildlife continues to flourish because sportsmen have driven conservation for more than a century.

LR 40CA recognizes hunting, fishing and harvesting of wildlife as constitutional rights.  These rights are subject only to laws and rules that have the purpose of “wildlife conservation and management and preserving the future of hunting and fishing.”  Specifically, it prohibits regulations that would ban the use of “traditional methods” such as bow hunting or the sustainable taking of wildlife such as deer, elk and doves.  LR 40CA protects the citizen’s hunting heritage from attacks initiated by well-funded anti-hunting extremists who have assailed sportsmen throughout the country in recent years.  In addition, it specifies that hunting, fishing and harvesting of wildlife shall be used as a preferred means of managing and controlling wildlife.  This ensures that sportsmen will continue to be used as the state’s responsible game managers instead of the taxpayer-funded sharpshooters and unproven, expensive wildlife contraception schemes employed in other jurisdictions.

The time is NOW to protect Nebraska’s proud hunting and fishing heritage for generations to come.  Nebraska cannot wait for a crisis to occur or until the anti-hunting forces gain more power. Thank you to all who contacted their state legislators in support of the Right to Hunt and Fish in Nebraska.

Please promote this measure to your family, friends and fellow hunters across Nebraska as the 2012 general election approaches.


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