News & Views from the New President of Taurus Arms

Mark Kresser of Taurus Arms
News & Views from the New President of Taurus Arms

Naperville, IL –-( National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesaler’s InSight recently sat down with the new President and industry veteran, Mark Kresser to talk about what’s happening at his company and what’s he sees coming for the future of both the industry and his firm.

Member Company: Taurus, Miami, Florida
Mark Kresser, President

InSight: Tell us a little about your company.

Mark: Taurus was founded in 1939 and produced its first-ever revolver in 1941. Currently, there are approximately 4,000 employees serving the global market.

InSight: How competitive do you feel the current market is compared to 5 years ago and how has it affected your company?

Mark: Indeed the market is vastly different than 5 years ago. There has been a sharp increase in overall business and volume it has been a good recipe for growth. I feel the competitiveness going forward will be on attracting and retaining the “new” customers that have recently been introduced to the shooting sports; this is where you can add incremental growth and loyal, new customers.

InSight: With your recent appointment as President, Taurus has made some significant changes. Care to comment on any of these initiatives?

Mark: Going forward, our focus will be based on continuous improvement in the areas of quality, customer service, and new innovative products. The one constant that continually needs and deserves our immediate attention is the customer.

InSight: How does your company stay viable and thrive during this period of constant change?

Mark: Staying viable and thriving during constant change is much easier if you are flexible and don’t resist the adjustments. Embrace them and work hard to make them beneficial for your business and for your customers.

InSight: What do you believe to be the biggest challenges facing the shooting sporting goods industry?

Mark: Regulation, unknown legislation, and individual state mandates will be some of the biggest challenges we all face in the future.

InSight: Do you feel that the relationships between manufacturers and wholesalers have improved or declined in recent years. If so, how?

Mark: Personally I feel the relationship between wholesalers and manufacturers has gotten stronger. The consistency that exists in dealing with the sporting goods wholesaler today is extremely helpful in building great trusting relationships that last a lifetime. Simply put, working with today’s sporting goods wholesalers is personal.

InSight: How can we (NASGW) improve our relationship with manufacturing partners and two-step distribution?

Mark: The relationships we have with our current two-step distribution partners are fantastic.

InSight: Your company makes use of the internet and if so, how and where do you see the market for sporting goods going online?

Mark: In my opinion, it is clear that more and more customers and potential future customers are receiving their information online. That being said it will be a large focus for us here at Taurus.

InSight: How do you use the NASGW Expo as part of your business sales and marketing strategy and plans?

Mark: The annual NASGW Expo is a great opportunity for us to meet with our customers and review past and future business. If I could recommend one item to be reviewed it would be the timing of the Expo. With the addition of countless dealer shows happening at the first of the year, it has forced everyone to plan better and earlier in the year. Typically the NASGW Expo has been the forcing function for many manufacturers to formalize their programs, pricing, and even new products. Early to mid-November is simply too late. It would take one year to re-set the clock and calibrate the timing better for everyone. Much of the planning and preparation for the shows take place during the late summer with early fall visits to the manufacturers by the distributors.

InSight: Would you please complete this sentence: “If I could change just one thing (practice) about this industry it would be:

Mark: Timing, coordination, and expense of all industry shows throughout the year.

InSight: Thanks, Mark.

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I’d like to see a 5 shot stainless steel Tracker in .45 ACP.


Similar comment/experience with Taurus as the comment by Don Nace, Feb 2012. It is now May 2014, 2 years later and nothing seems to have changed. We (the wife) purchased a PT 738 .380 ACP last month and have yet to be able to shoot the first round from it. Brand new, out of the box, using Winchester 380 Auto 95 GR FMJ (and hollow points), every shell hangs up before going into the chamber. I tried loading one round directly into the chamber and the slide would not completely close. I sent the gun to the factory for repair… Read more »

g. ashley

when will there be a shipment of tracker 992 be available?

Don Nace

In Feb. 2012, I bought a new Taurus Millenium Pro Pt 145 (145SSP). The gun was a piece of jubk right out of the box. The gun had a serious problem and was sent bace to Taurus twice for repair. Both times the original problems were not fixed and Taurus repair managed to make the gun even worse. Finally the dealer I bought the gun from sent it back to Taurus and asked for a full refund of the price I paid for the gun. Right now we are waiting to hear back from Taurus. Taurus must have very poor… Read more »