Oklahoma’s Omnibus Firearm Bill Could Be Heard in Committee This Week

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Oklahoma’s Omnibus Firearm Bill Could Be Heard in Committee This Week IMG NRA-ILA

Charlotte, NC –-(Ammoland.com)- House Bill 2522, an NRA-backed omnibus firearm bill containing significant improvements to Oklahoma gun laws, could receive a hearing by the Senate Public Safety Committee as soon as this Thursday.

This bill was introduced by state Representative Steve Martin (R-10) and also authored by state Senator Greg Treat (R-47). HB 2522 passed in the state House by an 85 to 9 vote and was assigned to the state Senate Public Safety Committee where it must receive approval soon in order to advance to the Senate floor for a vote.

Please contact members of the state Senate Public Safety Committee TODAY and urge them to support this important firearms legislation.

House Bill 2522 contains several important provisions, including:

  • language prohibiting persons, property owners and companies from banning ammunition in locked vehicles;
  • a provision to allow people to carry firearms openly on their private property; and
  • revisions to the current Oklahoma statute striking the word “concealed” from Oklahoma firearm permit citations and applying the lawful open carrying of firearms to Oklahoma’s firearms preemption law.

The state House adopted an amendment to remove “immediate” from the ambiguous “immediate notification” requirement for carry permit holders when stopped by law enforcement officials, making notification required instead at the first opportunity.  This amendment also lowered the associated fine from $500 to $100 for non-compliance.

The NRA will continue working with your state legislators to resolve the issues addressed by this bill, and will keep you updated.

Again, please contact members of state Senate Public Safety Committee and urge them to support NRA-backed HB 2522.

Senate Public Safety Committee Members:

Senator Don Barrington (R-31), Chairman
(405) 521-5563
[email protected]

Senator Ralph Shorty (R-44), Vice Chairman
(405) 521-5557
[email protected]

Senator Roger Ballenger (D-8)
(405) 521-5588
[email protected]

Senator Kim David (R-18)
(405) 521-5590
[email protected]

Senator Earl Garrison (D-9)
(405) 521-5533
[email protected]

Senator Constance Johnson (D-48)
(405) 521-5531
[email protected]

Senator Ron Justice (R-23)
(405) 521-5537
[email protected]

Senator Steve Russell (R-45)
(405) 521-5618
[email protected]

Senator Anthony Sykes (R-24)
(405) 521-5569
[email protected]


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