Pheasants Forever Adds CRP Landowner Workshop in Sioux Falls SD

Pheasants Forever
Pheasants Forever

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. –-( A Conservation Reserve Program Landowner Workshop has been added to assist the many landowners in the Sioux Falls area at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 27, at The Outdoor Campus.

The signup period, which runs March 12 through April 6, is crucial to South Dakota’s ring-necked pheasant population.

“Landowners can learn from Pheasants Forever farm bill biologists how to improve the odds of their lands being accepted in the competitive CRP general signup 43,” says Andy Gabbert, habitat biologist with the Department of Game, Fish and Parks.

“Conserving marginal lands through CRP can prove mutually beneficial for wildlife and agriculture production.”

Abundant CRP grassland habitat in South Dakota has helped maintain the state’s status as the nation’s top pheasant producing state, but the state has lost more than a quarter of its CRP acreage since 2007, from 1.56 million acres in 2007 to the current level of 1.1 million acres. Subsequently, South Dakota’s pheasant population has steadily declined from 2007, when hunters harvested an estimated 2.1 million pheasants.

“South Dakota pheasants and other wildlife are in need of a successful CRP signup, but so are landowners,” said Matt Morlock, a Pheasants Forever farm bill biologist at Brookings. “This signup isn’t about pitting agriculture production and wildlife against one another, but working together for the betterment of a balanced South Dakota landscape.”

Game Fish and Parks habitat biologists will also be available to answer questions regarding habitat management strategies.

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