Preparing For The End Of The World As We Know It

National Geographic Channel’S New Ten-Part Series Doomsday Preppers Gets Up Close And Personal With Those Stockpiling For Survival 2012 Apocalypse; Nuclear Winter; Super-Virus Pandemic; Natural Disasters; Financial Collapse – These Preppers Have A Plan To Outlast And Outlive In Any Scenario.

Dooms Day Preppers
Preparing For The End Of The World As We Know It

Series Premieres with Back-to-Back Episodes on Tuesday, February 7, at 9 p.m. ET/PT

National Geographic Channel
National Geographic Channel

WASHINGTON, D.C. –-( America in 2012. For most, the New Year brings hope for a fresh start and resolutions to live a better life.

But following a year when the daily news cycle was dominated by financial instability, government coups and the latest disaster footage, one group of people believes this year could be their last. Whether anticipating a natural disaster like an earthquake or massive solar flare, or a manmade catastrophe such as economic collapse or nuclear winter, these men and women stand united in their unshakable certainty that America soon faces tougher times – times when grocery stores are empty, water is in short supply, and electricity is unavailable.

National Geographic Channel delves into the lives of otherwise ordinary Americans who are preparing for the end of the world as we know it in the new ten-part series Doomsday Preppers, premiering with back-to-back episodes on Tuesday, February 7, at 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. ET/PT (airing weekly Tuesdays at 9 p.m.).

Doomsday Preppers goes inside America’s prepping subculture, uncovering a wide assortment of prepping styles and approaches, meeting preppers on their own turf, examining their methods and tracking their progress as they think through every logistic and contingency plan. Preppers come in all shapes and sizes – men and women, young and old, they live and work like most Americans. But their ultimate goal in life is preparing for the end.

“On the surface, some of the preppers we feature may seem as though they go to extremes,” said Michael Cascio, executive vice president of programming for NGC. “But what is surprising is that by the end of each episode, you actually take pause and consider if maybe you should have that extra bottle of water stored for a rainy day. The situations may be extreme, but they are extremely relatable at the same time.”

While stockpiles of food and weapons may seem over the top preparations to some, for doomsday preppers they represent basic responsibility and peace of mind. They will go to whatever lengths deemed necessary to make sure they are prepared if basic services should falter, and chaos and violence become the order of the day. Though unique in their beliefs, motivations and strategies, these preppers are planning ahead for a time when hardship and hunger turns Americans against each other.

“We figured our food has actually gained 400 percent in value since we’ve started, so instead of investing in a 401K that just now lost 27,000 dollars in the last 3 weeks, we have actually gained in value of 400 percent. So for me that’s a good investment,” proclaims Paul Range, who along with his girlfriend are hoarding supplies, preparing for the day when the planet shifts on its axis, resulting in climate changes and natural disasters.

Each prepper also receives an expert assessment from Practical Preppers, a company founded by longtime preppers who share their experiences and knowledge through teaching, training and consulting. The experts analyze the preppers’ chances of survival if their worst fears become a reality and they have to put their plans into action. Viewers are left to make their own decision as to whether the preppers are practical planners… or just plain paranoid.

Premiere Episodes Include:

Doomsday Preppers: Bullets, Lots of Bullets
Premieres Tuesday, February 7, 2012, at 9:00 PM ET/PT

In the series opener, Texan Paul Range and his wife Gloria have constructed a home out of nine shipping containers, and are preparing for a day when the North and South Poles swap places, resulting in dramatic climate changes and natural disasters. The two have stockpiled in excess of 50,000 lbs. of food, maintain a concrete tank with 3800 gallons of rainwater, and practice an evacuation drill that they plan to implement on Doomsday. Chris Nyerges, who at first glance may seem like your average Californian living in Los Angeles County, demonstrates how he is prepared to live off the land — even in an urban jungle — by foraging for food and drinkable water in the event of a massive earthquake shuts down the food supply chain. Unlike most women twenty-somethings, Megan Hurwitt is prepping to survive a catastrophic oil crisis. She has filled every nook and cranny of her studio apartment with food, water and medical supplies, and is training to defend herself against attackers, learning how to shoot and hunt. Megan takes viewers on a nighttime trial run of her “bug out” plan, set against the backdrop of the Houston, Texas skyline.

Doomsday Preppers: I Hope I Am Crazy
Premieres Tuesday, February 7, 2012, at 10:00 PM ET/PT (special time)

Meet four Americans who prove that preppers don’t come in just one shape or size. Kellene Bishop, a self-described foodie, amazes her friends by whipping up a dinner party entirely from shelf-stable foods, proving she won’t sacrifice the finer things in a financial disaster. She also teaches a quick-draw shooting class and a hand-to-hand combat class that will help women protect themselves in case a massive economic collapse should breed lawlessness. Dennis Evers has trained his children with special skills to withstand a catastrophic financial collapse. His oldest son shows us how he can fashion bows and arrows for security, his daughters weld and stockpile fuel, his wife cans massive amounts of food, and his son-in-law is working on a solar-powered satellite system that will allow the family to communicate if chaos should break out due to hyperinflation. From his farm in Tennessee, prepper David Sarti calls himself the “hillybilly prepper.” Should our nation’s communications and transportation systems falter after an EMP — an electro-magnetic pulse, or sudden burst of energy caused by a solar flare that can take out any electrical appliance on a nationwide scale — he is prepared to use his home as a communications hub for post-Apocalyptic America, using amateur or Ham Radio which requires no phone lines, no internet and can be run completely on battery or solar power. And Kathy Harrison is a self-described New England liberal, preparing for “the big one.” In the event of a massive earthquake, she and members of her like-minded community are working together to garden, sew, can, and generally prepare for a world where supermarkets and retail stores are a thing of the past.

Doomsday Preppers is produced by Sharp Entertainment for National Geographic Channel (NGC). For Sharp Entertainment, executive producer is Matt Sharp and co-executive producer is Alan Madison. For NGC, executive producer is Kathleen Cromley and executive vice president of programming is Michael Cascio.

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