Rock River Arms AR15 Review by Nutnfancy

By David Gonzales
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Rock River Arms AR15 review
Rock River Arms LAR-15 Entry Tactical Rifle
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Albuquerque, NM –-( Watch Nutnfancy’s extensive review of the Rock River Arms LAR-15

Let’s get one thing out of the way first, this is a loooong video review.

However, what probably attracts most of us to Nutnfancy reviews are just how thorough he is in his evaluation process and that he collects his own data.

I’ve been watching Nutnfancy pretty much since he started reviewing gear in 2008.

However, this particular review is probably one of the most thoroughly tested rifles he’s ever done a video for on YouTube. Collecting data on the Rock River Arms LAR-15 for over seven years makes this a special review in my opinion. To stick with a product for that amount of time is what kept me interested in watching. Plus Rock River Arms keeps producing firearms that can peak people’s interest like the Fred Eichler Predator .223 rifle.

Quoted From the Video:

“RRA produces some of the best high value AR-15 variants in the world. They are extraordinarily accurate, reliable, and long lasting.

In this in-depth review vid, I address my thoughts on “mil-spec” and Rock River's departure from it.

The QA portion of the spec is desirable but adds substantial cost and it generally overkill for the average AR user. It also limits features to those determined by US Government committees…a bad thing. The civilian market has long been where the best guns are made. Some forum elitists may balk at the materials of the Rock Rivers and features but few have extensive experience with the type and therefore their criticisms ring carry no weight with me.

Granted, on paper, the 4140 steel 1/9 twist Wylde chambered barrels, commercial buffer tubes, non-HP/MPI bolt carrier, lack of barrel chroming, and other mil-spec departures may seem disappointing. But that's on paper. Shot for over SEVEN years before this review, RRA AR-15s (LAR-15s) have been stellar performers under hard TNP testing. The Elite Operator2 and Entry Tactical, wearing a few modifications of my own (discussed), achieved 1 MOA groups with STANDARD BALL ammo. With premium 77 gr Fiocchi Match Kings, the groups shrunk to 1/2 inch. Keep in mind these are tactical carbine variations of the LAR-15, not target rifles with overly thick barrels. Most high end AR-15s, piston or DI, have failed to achieve this accuracy. And this accuracy testing came only after many 1000s of rounds shot in TNP tactical drills as well.

You're getting a lot of gun for your money. Features included in most models add to the value and the guns' excellent ergonomics: 2-stage RRA match trigger (excellent), star selector, RRA gas block/folding front sight, RRA CAR Operator stock, Ergo or Hogue grip, RRA Tactical Muzzle Break (effective, I would not change it out if I were you), included iron sights, winter trigger guard, and choice of forends. Current generations of the RRA Half Quad rails (discussed) are too thick and heavy (17 oz) but they're getting better. The RRA Quad rail is currently too bulkiy and old school to be attractive however; avoid it.

Application of the industry leading Troy Industries Alpha rail will lighten the gun, make it easier to grab, and faster into action. Reliablity, not attributable to ammo, was 100% with both steel and brass cased rounds, all brands fired. Weights are manageable for their configurations and the excellent heavier barrel profiles Rock River uses. Many models exist and you can choose your choice of barrel, grips, stocks, and accessories but these are my two favorite (add in the ATH Carbine as well with its cryo'd SS barrel).

The receivers and internals are the same. Value is excellent for these stellar performers which I feel set standards for the high value AR market. Other great options exist which achieve the same as well. Unless you are sponsored shooter and run them as rentals, chances are you will never wear out these guns in normal use. We didn't.

Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 9 out 10 for most models; with my mods as shown: 10 out of 10. Highest rec'd model is the Rock River Arms Elite Operator2 or ATH Carbine model for most POUs

Music by MSquare Recordings, licensed with permission.”

If you’re like some of the people I shoot with, they keep the “good stuff” in a special area of their gun safe. Lets call this area the “holy of holies” where special guns or firearms are kept that have some sort of value attributed to them be it sentimental or utilitarian, etc.

When watching this review, I was wondering if the Rock River LAR-15 could in fact make it to the holy of holies of an AR-15 enthusiasts gun safe? It’s seems like a no b.s. rifle that has a lot to offer at it’s price point.

However, can a non mil spec black rifle make it to this sacred spot in the safe? Or, does a mil spec rifle that costs more money get this area reserved for them?

About David Gonzales:
David Gonzales grew up with firearms and has many fond memories of hunting with his grandfather. He enjoys participating in the occasional shooting match, going to the gun range with his family and friends and still has much to learn about firearms. However, he became a certifiable “Gun Nut” in 2008 when he realized that the constitutional right he took for granted could so easily be taken away. Did you see something on YouTube that David Should review. Leave a link in the comments below.

  • 9 thoughts on “Rock River Arms AR15 Review by Nutnfancy

    1. Does RRA match up to DD etc? Hard to say objectively. Everyone has their favorite pet black rifle maker. I had a DDM4 V7 liteweight and so have never seen a better fitted and finished AT. I also have had a couole Colt M4s, and carried an FN made Colt in Air Force. DDs are made in my hometown, and they make great stuff. Spikes, BCM, and a bunch of other builders also make great stuff. But RRA also makes great stuff. They are a quirky company. I remember when the AWB ended, and RRA was one of the only builders around. It didn’t take long to see they were innovative in a brand new market. This is pre Magpul, and pre SUPERMASSIVEBLACKGUNMARKETEXPLOSION. RRA was making parts that just made an already user-friendly design better. While they may tout the fact that they make guns for the FBI and DEA that stuff doesn’t matter to me. What matters is a good gun and I think RRA makes them. I haven’t owned an LWRC, and I don’t really care if my gun is sexy enough for the pages of RECOIL gun porn. But I know an RRA will “run” as all the arfcommers are prone to say. BTW avoid the cancerous hole that is with every step you take. You’ll not find a greater hive of scum and villainy anywhere in the galaxy.

    2. I purchased a RRA EOP upper and lower around 1996 and built a match rifle. The rifle I built using the RRA upper and lower shot one hole 3 shot groups at 100 yards multi times. I admit the rifle has a JP Enterprise match barrel, JP bolt carrier group, gas block, free float tube, JARD adjustable trigger and added a Magpul PRS stock, which I am sorry I sold it. This rifle was the most accurate rifle I have ever owned and could shoot with the best bolt guns. This is not a true review of RRA rifles, but just saying I still purchase from RRA. Made in USA. NRA life member. Thanks for reading my 2 cents worth.

    3. I had heard so many good things about RRA I also ordered a LAR-8 Standard, it took about a year to get but I could’nt be happier. This rifle is so accurate. Shooting Ultramax reman 168 BTHP 1/2 – 3/4 MOA. With handloads 168 SMK / 168 A-Max 1/4 MOA or better. I have been feeding this rifle for over 3 years, been very reliable and had no trouble. I have put this rifle through hell on the farm, and it keeps on running. I would not trade my RRA LAR-8 for any other 308 variant. Very satisfied.

    4. Ordered my LAR-8 September of last year. Told 6 months when I ordered it. Ten months later and their e- mail answer saidthetcannot give me any idea of a delivery date. What a joke! Would not even consider another purchase from RRA.

    5. I bought a predator pursuit 20″ SS barrel 1/8 twist. It is a good rifle and very reliable, but as for being tightly machined, it will rattle when you shake it. I don’t think it has the tight fit some have claimed. It could just be the one I got since I can’t compare it to another one. The accuracy with green tip ammo is about 2-3.5 moa. My 68-75 gr otm reloads can get 1.25-2 moa which may be acceptable, but I am a bit disappointed. Other factors may cause some of the accuracy problems too so I want to make it clear that I can’t blame just the rifle for it. Maybe my Vortex Viper 6X24 scope isn’t performing like I thought it would. So many things you can blame it on it is hard to know which direction to go. It couldn’t possibly be the shooter. 😉

    6. ive had my lar-15 since 2009 and before that i was issued an M4A1 in the Marine Corps(Black Betty)and everytime we went to the rifle range i wished we could bring our personal rifles because my LAR-15 could outperform my M4A1 anyday. it was far more reliable

    7. DO NOT BUY FROM RRA!! they no longer care about their customers and would rather pump out inferior products rather then what was promised when ordering. Ordered a LAR-15 Operator 2 with chrome lined barrel and chrome bolt carrier promised within 90 days. six months later I finaly recieved rifle with no chrome bolt carrier. told the delay was due to not having the sites and then the barrels. contacted customer “service” when recieved and was told too bad we posted it on our web site and said price/product subject to change. No notification to me or attempts to rectify solution other then “send it back and wait until carriers come in.” Worst firearms service ever! buyers/dealers beware!!

    8. Great Info. I have been running my RRA from way back before they changed their logo to its current form. I concur with everything you have stated

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