The Award Winning Stone Hill Winery Becomes Founding QUWF Corporate Sponsor

Stone Hill Winery
The Award Winning Stone Hill Winery Becomes Founding QUWF Corporate Sponsor
Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation
Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation

Buffalo, Missouri –-( “Established in 1847, Stone Hill Winery located in Hermann, Missouri, understands the extreme value of taking care of the ground that provides their very livelihood” states Craig Alderman of the Quail & Upland Wildlife Federation (QUWF).

“Today, the Held family, owners of the majestic Winery, totally supports wildlife habitat and are active sportsmen and women. We are excited at the opportunity to work with this historic American company and family to benefit our multi-specie mission and help our chapters raise conservation dollars with creative accessories and of course, award winning wines” declares Alderman.

“Their Founding Premier Sponsorship sends a leadership message to our industry, they are QUWF and are willing to help “turn-the-dirt” for all upland game, putting the most energy and dollars in the ground locally of any conservation organization.

Stone Hill Winery is Missouri's oldest and most awarded winery winning more than 3,700 awards since 1993. Their wines rank among the nation's top award winners.

“We are very dedicated to conservation of our resources, especially our wildlife and the critical habitat that needs to be protected. Working with QUWF provides us the best corporate approach for all upland game by design” says Thomas Held, Vice-President of Stone Hill Winery.

“We need to get as many people involved in conservation with QUWF as possible and now let them enjoy French-American hybrid and American grape varieties grown locally in our vineyards that produce our finest wines” explains Held. Stone Hill Winery has won 7 Missouri Governor's Cup Awards since 1994, ranking Stone Hill among the top award winners nationwide.

Stone Hill Winery is listed on the National Register of Historic places and welcomes visitors year round. The Held family took extreme care in restoring the historic and picturesque buildings and spectacular stone and brick arched underground cellars created by the first German settlers. The restored horse barn and carriage house now provide a most enjoyable atmosphere for the best fine dining that Missouri Wine Country has to offer. When dining at the Vintage Restaurant, it is not uncommon to meet the family Held and other distinguished guests.

Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation, Inc., a tax exempt 501(c)(3) conservation organization, was formed to serve its members and chapters nationwide, providing a strong local source of habitat focus on quail and upland wildlife and population recovery. Millions of dollars of habitat work have been completed by its members over the years on thousands of acres of both private and public lands, now that work continues with a renewed vitality. Our chapters from coast to coast, provide the grass roots, local habitat work that is making a difference each and every day. For more information or to join QUWF please visit our website at

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