VEPR 7.62x54R AK Rifle Review

By David Gonzales
AmmoLand Youtube Firearms Reporter

VEPR 7.62x54R AK Rifle
VEPR 7.62x54R AK Rifle
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Albuquerque, NM –-( Please watch below the Military Arms Channels review of the VEPR 7.62x54R AK Rifle.

I got an interesting email today from one of my favorite online gun stores stating that they got in a shipment of the VEPR AK style, semi-auto rifles with a sporter style stock. That they come in a slew of calibers which include, 5.45×39, 7.62×39, .223, .308 and 7.62x54R.

Initially, it sounded to me like this was some new sort of competitor to the Saiga or possibly Arsenal rifle.  I of course had to click on the email to get more information.

My knowledge of the VEPR rifle is basically zero. Turns out these are all Russian made rifles, with absolutely no U.S. made parts, which really got my attention.

The intrigue of this rifle that I knew nothing about sent me on a direct path to YouTube, where I found the extremely informative review that the Military Arms Channel had recently done on the 7.62x54R chambered rifle.

What I took away from this video is that the VEPR is pretty darn accurate. The reviewer shot a one and three quarter inch MOA group at 100 yards with standard ball ammunition. Also, the rifle has an accessory rail on the left side of the receiver allowing the reviewer to mount a scope to his test rifle, which of course helped him demonstrate just how accurate the rifle could be.  Plus the rifle's barrel appears to be pretty thin and is twenty inches in length.

For those of you who like AK style rifles, this seems to be a really good looking one. The all wooden stock with the stippling on the pistol grip and on the front hand guard definitely makes this rifle look like a classy rifle to add to anyone's collection.

And yes, I would really like to add this beauty to my collection.

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David Gonzales grew up with firearms and has many fond memories of hunting with his grandfather. He enjoys participating in the occasional shooting match, going to the gun range with his family and friends and still has much to learn about firearms. However, he became a certifiable “Gun Nut” in 2008 when he realized that the constitutional right he took for granted could so easily be taken away. Did you see something on YouTube that David Should review. Leave a link in the comments below.

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    1. Last month I picked up a Vepr in 7.62x54r with the 23″ barrel. Just got it out to the range and it delivered all I could ak for. With the iron sights and hand held I was hitting 5 for 5 on 12 inch iron gong target from the get go (okay I was 3 for 5 on one group and 4 for 5 on another out of 8). I’m 6 foot tall and the rifle was super comfortable. Took it out to 200 yards on a smaller gong and got very similar results. For a semi-auto it is lethal!

    2. I have a Russian 7.62-54R and I was wanting to no if anyone has kits to make it look like an assault rifle

    3. In Russia produced carbines still carbines ” the boar hunter” and “Vepr-super” under various cartridges, including 308. win? and 30.06. Are characterized by high accuracy and high reliability, as made on the basis of a manual machine-gun Kalashnikov.

    4. This rifle is absolutely beautiful. The wood furniture is very high quality. The receiver finish is very durable, even and of the same quality craftsmanship as the wood furniture. I ordered one in 54r on the 24th (pm) and had it in hand literally on the 26th (am). If you would like to know where I ordered mine from with such a speedy delivery, just let me know. Thanks for the video heads-up too…

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