Walther PPQ 9mm Handgun Review

Walther PPQ 9mm
Walther PPQ 9mm Handgun
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Albuquerque, NM –-(Ammoland.com)- The Walther PPQ 9mm hadn't appeared on my radar until a recent visit to my local gun shop.

By David Gonzales
AmmoLand Youtube Firearms Reporter

I was talking with the sales person about possibly purchasing a 9mm handgun that I could conceal fairly well and also use for the occasional “real world scenario, ” IDPA type shooting competitions.

I figured he would mention the Springfield XD(M) compact, or the Smith&Wesson M&P9 compact model. Instead he motioned for me to follow him towards the Walther section of the gun counter.

Immediately my eyes were drawn to the classic blued, PPK under the gun counter glass causing the James Bond soundtrack to go off in my brain. The sales person drew my attention back his way as he took out a pistol that I thought I had seen before the Walther P99, which I really was not interested in.

He went on to tell me that it was a Walther PPQ 9mm and has the most amazing factory trigger he has ever seen! That the trigger was crisp and has the shortest reset of any striker fired pistol that he's tried out. Needless to say, that got my attention! He then handed the pistol over to me so I could get feel for how it fit in my hand and dry fire it a couple of times. Palming this firearm was a real pleasure as it seemed to naturally fit my medium sized hand. Two pulls of the trigger with one reset in the middle of the dry fire sequence and it was true love.

Besides having a terrific trigger and a great ergonomic feel with natural point-ability, the pistol has ambidextrous controls for both the slide release and magazine release. The magazine release was the strangest item on this pistol to me with a release lever on both the left and right sides of the trigger guard instead of normal side button magazine release.

The factory installed three dot sights seemed very clear and I liked the fact that the rear sight is adjustable for windage. And for those of you who prefer .40 S&W, well you're in luck because it's offered in that caliber as well.

I handed the pistol back to the sales person with a sense of remorse that I just did not have the funds at that time to purchase it.

However, one day this Walther PPQ 9mm will be mine!

  • The 9mm Walter PPQ makes a perfect concealed carry pistol.
  • The Walter PPQ is similar ergonomically to the Walter P99.
  • The Walter PPQ is a great alternative to other offering such as those offered by Glock, Springfield or S&W.

About David Gonzales:
David Gonzales grew up with firearms and has many fond memories of hunting with his grandfather. He enjoys participating in the occasional shooting match, going to the gun range with his family and friends and still has much to learn about firearms. However, he became a certifiable “Gun Nut” in 2008 when he realized that the constitutional right he took for granted could so easily be taken away. Did you see something on YouTube that David Should review. Leave a link in the comments below.

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7 years ago

I'm new to owning a firearm or handgun… and this is the firearm i purchased as my first.

I'm from South Africa and obtaining a firearm is near impossible. Reading the comments and watching the reviews… Cant wait to get shooting…

7 years ago

I've owned a PPQ 9mm for about 6 months. I love this gun. You will be hard pressed to find any handgun this good for the $500 or so they are going for. I acquired a smaller PPS for CCW and its just nowhere close to what the PPQ does. It's actually more comfortable to carry even though its larger. Everyone that shoots this gun loves it. The trigger reset is everything they say it is. Smith & Wesson handles Walther in the US and it's a shame it doesn't market them very well. You will no regrets if you… Read more »

7 years ago

I never owned a gun before , I'm thinking about getting one but I just don't no what to get , I'm thinking about the pk 380 or the ppq 9mm anyone have any ideas ? Thanks

Don Edwards
Don Edwards
7 years ago

I've owned a ppq for about 6 months now.. I also own a few other hand guns. Without a doubt this is my go to gun.. Shoots beautifully, dead on accurate..a real pleasure to fire.

8 years ago

Hey Everyone, I just got back from my local indoor range and rented the M&P9c to shoot (not a bad gun). I was literally a hair away from buying it for CCW. That was until I came across the Walther PPQ 9mm i rented it and shot 2 boxes of basic ammo and let me TELL YOU this gun is one of THE most accurate striker fired guns I have EVER shot. I had a grin from ear to ear while shooting my tightest groups ever. Im prior military, I own an XD and quite a few other nice toys.… Read more »