2008 Michigan Concealed Carry Study – Results Still Hold True

By Howard Nemerov

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2008 Michigan Concealed Carry Study – Results Still Hold True. IMG iStock-884193816

Michigan – -(Ammoland.com)-It has been argued by pro-gun-control organizations that the prevalence of civilian firearms, and particularly the increased presence of firearms in public places due to the liberalization of concealed carry laws, enhances the levels of violence in society.

This review examines the latest available complete sets of violation data from both the Michigan State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to determine whether or not this thesis is valid.

Even when applying to most stringent criteria to Michigan’s Concealed Pistol Licensees and the laxest criteria to the non-licensee population, calculations show that if the non-CPL population had been as law-abiding as the CPL population, there would have been over a 90% decrease in the number of incidents of the seven FBI major crimes alone. Read the entire study below. (published March 2008, 105kb .pdf)

Michigan Concealed Carry Study

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