Arizona Governor Signs Bill Allowing Law Enforcement to Sell Confiscated Firearms

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Arizona Governor Signs Bill Allowing Law Enforcement to Sell Confiscated Firearms, iStock-884179036

Charlotte, NC –-( Yesterday, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed into law Senate Bill 1241, an important gun bill relating to forfeited and seized weapons.

Introduced by state Senator Rick Murphy (R-9), SB 1241 passed in the state Senate by a 21 to 9 vote on February 16 and passed the House by a 43 to 12 vote on March 27.

SB 1241 will allow law enforcement departments to sell or auction any firearms forfeited or seized from criminals to licensed gun dealers. Currently, law enforcement departments have been destroying these seized firearms.

Thank you to Governor Brewer for signing SB 1241 into law and to the state legislators who voted for it.


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Gov. Brewer is a true patriot. I also loved the way she stood up to Obama when he was in Arizona.


Lee, I live in Arizona and like every thing Jan Brewer has been doing as Governor for our state.

Keep up the good work Governor Brewer! Thank you Jeff


Great for Gov. Jan Brewer for sighning bill 1241. She is the best. If i ever move to another state it would be Arizona.Great pro second ammendment state.I also support your illegal alien laws. To bad all the states do'nt have people like you in there states sticking up for the people, instead there trying to take our Constitutional rights away from us. Thank you: lee