Gun For Hire Radio Helps Sh!tbag Proof Your Home For The Holidays

Gun for Hire Radio
Gun for Hire Radio
Gun for Hire Radio
Gun for Hire Radio

Belleville, NJ –-( Since the State of New Jersey has no classification for Violent Home Invasion (armed home invasions are reported as simple “burglaries” here behind the Second Amendment Iron Curtain), and since the mainstream media shies away from reporting crimes that make anti-gun politicians look bad…

You may not know that Armed Home Invasions are rocketing off the chart here in the Garden State.

So, in case the Easter Bunny comes knockin’ at the front door, totin’ a tec-9 under his marshmallow peeps…

This week’s Gun For Hire Radio is dedicated to Sh!tbag Proofing Your Home for the holidays (colored eggs not included).

Gun For Hire, Firearm Training Center and NJSO were started to promote the positive aspects of safe and responsible firearms ownership. I believe if you are going to make the commitment to own a firearm, it is your duty to learn the safe and responsible handling that goes with its ownership. I am the Chief Range Safety Officer at the Bullet Hole Range. I have been giving private and group lessons in firearms instruction since 1992. “Firearms in self-defense are not a cure all but in trained hands they are the ultimate equalizer.” Visit:

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Robert Krawiec
9 years ago

Unfortunately for the citizens of N.J., the only thing its government wants to hear about is how to get re-elected. The cost of living is so high you cannot afford to retire there. Your not allowed to protect yourself or your family, unless your a politician. You need a friendly judge to approve a CCW permit which unless your "connected" doesn't happen. Its governor already stated he's against the national reciprocity bill if it passes. If the working class should decide to leave, let the politicians fend off the criminals who weren't elected. Last man out, turn off the light… Read more »