IDPA Capitalizes on Growth by Expanding Marketing & Communication Efforts

Paul Erhardt
IDPA Capitalizes on Growth by Expanding Marketing and Communication Efforts with Paul Erhardt

BERRYVILLE, Ark. –-( The International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) is proud to welcome one of the firearms industry’s leading communications experts, Paul Erhardt, to expand the organization’s social media, public relations, and marketing efforts.

Since founding marketing and communications firm Erhardt & Associates in 2007, Erhardt has built a consistent, proven record of providing creative solutions to marketing challenges. He is recognized as one of the most prolific public relations experts in the industry having recently led the effort in spotlighting practical shooting sports. Erhardt’s work is innovative and often goes viral within the industry. His campaigns have regularly expanded beyond the world of firearms, sparking the interest of mainstream media.

“Paul’s work is well known throughout the industry. He has crafted literally hundreds of press releases, handled multiple social media accounts and shares a passion for shooting in his columns for The Shooting Wire. His work has generated exposure not only for the industry, but for shooting sports as well. We have already seen rapid growth fueled by the interest Paul has cultivated among shooters,” said Joyce Wilson, executive director of IDPA.

“IDPA is experiencing explosive growth with 800 to 900 new members joining monthly. With Paul’s help, IDPA will work to maintain this growth. We aim to capitalize on the social nature that has made IDPA so popular and we are thrilled to have Paul as part of the IDPA team.”

With the popularity of firearms ownership and concealed carry licensing at an all-time high, the International Defensive Pistol Association membership rolls have grown by 40% since 2007. The organization now has nearly 20,000 members. With 320 affiliated clubs around the country, IDPA is a shooting sport that is both accessible and in demand.

Working with Wilson and the rest of the IDPA staff and leadership, Erhardt will help develop a comprehensive marketing strategy focused on recruitment and retention while greatly expanding the organization’s communications effort to members, clubs, and sponsors all while preserving the unique culture and brand that has made IDPA so successful.

“The number of new gun owners in America has been skyrocketing and many are looking for opportunities to get active. IDPA is a great place for them to start as a truly new shooter friendly sport. At the same time there is also a deep loyalty among the membership. Both headquarters and current members are dedicated to sharing IDPA. It’s exciting to be able to contribute to those efforts and further grow this fun and dynamic sport,” said Erhardt.

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