Iran To USA – Our Navy Can Beat Up Your Navy

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Washington DC – -( Iran’s political and military leaders have long drawn attention to themselves.

Between their promised aggression toward Israel, their actual progress in producing a nuclear weapon, and their eagerness to supply weapons to insurgents fighting U.S. troops, they are a focal point in U.S. foreign policy.

And on Tuesday, they used the anniversary of “Operation Eagle Claw,” Jimmy Carter’s failed attempt to rescue U.S. hostages in Tehran, to draw even more attention to themselves.

Speaking to students at the University of Yazd, Iranian Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi said: “The power of our naval forces is such that we have a presence in all the waters of the world and, if needed, we can move to within three miles of New York.” And on Friday, Iranian Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh said Iran’s military “is also capable of crippling or disabling U.S. aircraft carriers.”

Added Hajizadeh: “Sinking an aircraft carrier is not a complicated task.”

As with Iran’s recent claims toward building a working replica of the U.S. spy drone they acquired last December, it’s not certain that they’re really capable of doing what they claim they can do. But in one sense, that’s not even important. What is important is that Iran has absolutely no fear of the United States, much less the slightest degree of respect for the United States.

Thus, they are wagging their fingers in the faces of Obama and his State Department, all in an attempt to show their friends in the Middle East (and around the world) that the U.S. ain’t so tough after all.

AWR Hawkins
AWR Hawkins

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8 years ago

I have a hard time understanding why they think that their tact of provocation in front of a global audience will effectively cover their subversive actions. the actions speak far more loudly.