KGI Celebrates 10 Years in Business

KGI Celebrates 10 Years in Business
Knesek Guns, Inc
Knesek Guns, Inc

Van Buren, AR –-( Knesek Guns, Inc. is happy to be celebrating its 10th year in business.

This April marks ten years for KGI, part of the Knesek Group of companies.

Over the past decade, KGI has grown to be one of the prime suppliers for military and law enforcement type weaponry worldwide. Building relationships early on with some of today’s top names in tactical rifles, KGI quickly established a reputation for being able to supply many special edition firearms and rare models.

As things have progressed, the Knesek Group has continued to grow and establish new companies and partnerships along the way including the founding of THOR Global Defense Group for security and consulting services, personnel training, firearms manufacturing and R&D projects. Import and Export operations are handled between the organizations and logistics are handled directly from the home office in Van Buren, Arkansas.

More recently, a new company was formed with Steven Seagal to develop new, cutting edge equipment from THOR’s R&D facility as well as new partnerships with various manufacturers. Mr. Seagal’s long history within special operations, law enforcement as well as development of highly effective training programs has given him an opportunity to produce many excellent designs to suit the needs of today’s military and law enforcement personnel, as well as the self-defense conscious citizen seeking high quality products.

Currently the company is continuing to expand its corporate headquarters to allow more floor space for CNC equipment and a wing of offices to provide additional workspace for members of management. KGI will continue to offer divided build-to-suit lots available within its acreage to encompass its secure industrial park. This development is designed primarily for defense industry manufacturers and service providers to have a common campus of likeminded businesses with on-site test ranges, very accommodating shipping/receiving docks, professional export management and 24 hour security due to the sensitive nature of the goods being produced.

KGI continues to note that the long term dedicated client base has truly made their organization what it is today, and thanks each customer that has chosen them along the way.

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