Norma USA Ammunition Opens US Warehouse For Distribution

American Market Poised for New Norma Products Specifically Designed for the American Sportsman.

Norma USA Ammunition
Norma USA Ammunition Opens US Warehouse For Distribution
Norma USA
Norma USA

USA –-( Norma, the Swedish manufacturer of superior hunting and target ammunition launched Norma USA in the US market earlier in 2012.

Norma USA will be exhibiting at the 2012 National Rifle Association Meetings and Exhibits in St. Louis, Missouri on April 13 through 14 at booth 205 and revealing several new lines of components and ammunition.

The new lines of performance ammunition and precision made components are shipping from the new Norma USA warehouse and distribution facility to major US retailers.

Norma USA’s commitment to the US hunting and target shooting market is being supported by an extensive advertising campaign in the National Rifle Association publication “American Hunter,” “Safari,” “Bugle,” “Handloader,” and “Rifle” magazines, and the launch of a new Norma USA website featuring products, support, a ballistics calculator and dealer locator.

The new website also features a ballistics testing video and the latest loading data. For more information, visit .

For retailers interested in carrying the Norma USA line directly, please contact [email protected] or visit Norma USA at the 2012 NRA Show at booth 205.

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    1. I have a Jap type 99 7.7 rifle, my dad brought home from the war. We use to use it to hunt with, but now I’m unable to find ammo for it. Can you help me out with this problem? I would like to start using it again

    2. I have an 8mm Siamese Mauser. I have not been able to find any ammunition or brass for it. Will Norma be manufacturing any in the future? Otherwise I will have it converted over to .45-70 caliber.

      1. You will have to make the cartridge cases from .45-70 … I co-authored a book on the Siamese Mauser called Banzai Special Project No. 1, The Siamese Mauser, A Study Of Siamese / Thai Type 45 & Type 46 Long Rifles and Type 47 Carbines, Including An Overview Of Siamese/Thai Weapons 1860–2014 and have a chapter devoted to how to make the brass and an extensive load data on bot the 8 x 50R mm Type 2445 and 8 x 52R mm Type 2466 cartridges.

    3. I have some norma powder number 205 which I would like some load data for a 30-06. I’m having trouble finding data as this an older powder.

    4. what powder does Norma offer to replace N205? Some say MRP but this powder has been around for ages too and is not new. Also what is the difference between N203 and N203B

    5. Hi, I’m looking for 44 magnum cartridges, I have a shot your Norma shells and no other compares to Norma would like to see you offer the 44’S, I have a few left made in 1966 and still kick ass over any other, have lots of friends that would like to buy the 44 round in your brand, love to hear from you, thanks Jose.

    6. I’m looking for the old Norma R-123 smokeless powder. Apparently it isn’t being sold any longer in the USA because nobody has it. is there any way for me to purchase this powder anymore? If not, then does Norma USA have a direct replacement for it, and is it really the exact same powder sold under another number/name?

    7. Hello My name chris martinez I am the Vp for international sales for central and south america I have all lines of guns clothing ammo and acessories I wold like to push your line I am getting several request on you product please contact me at 305-370-8160

    8. norma usa are a joke.all components and rounds are still not being distributed,due to clearance etc.this has been over four months now and still waiting.i have now swapped to remington and will stick with them.

    9. I would like to know if you are going to have a supply of Norma Gun Powder In particular MRP, and 204. Also what the mininum Order requiremnts would be.

      Thomas D. Potter
      Potter’s Gun Works

    10. Re/.358 norma magnum brass. No one it seems (Brownells,Midway,DoubleTap ammo,etc.)has any brass.Come on people,make a run of .358 brass so we .35 cal. guys can keep this fine caliber alive. Thanks

    11. To Norma U.S.A.

      Please advise me as to how I am now supposed to acquire “Norma” 7X65R 156grain Oryx, 8X57IR, as well as 9.3X74R 285-293 grain in the Oryx bullet configuration. When will supplies “really” be available? What will be the minimum quantities? Are you going to use the “Wal-Mart” mentality for operations or will you operate as a real supplier?

      I have come to rely on Norma as a supplier for my hunting rifles since “RWS” no longer supplies the U.S. with anything but .22 rimfire. We evidently are of no value to them.
      They were a very fine company once.

      Hunting is VERY IMPORTANT TO ME… if you are only going to provide what is the latest fad or what is “popular today” then tell me the truth. I have no interest in gimmicks or games in marketing. I do culling work in Africa as well as hunting. I belong to PHASA and NAPHA. Just tell me the truth especially when it comes to timelines.
      “Supplies in 90 days” that turn out to be six months or even a year are a display of stupidity on the part of the “supplier”. I need to plan my supplies now for hunting in Africa in May of 2013.

      Sincerely Yours,

      John Neumann

    12. Please have Ron Petty contact me concerning Norma’s distribution changes. Need the info for an article for Wolfe Publications. Need more info than what’s on your webl site
      Thank you…………..Chub Eastman

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