Proper Pistol Fit

By Jack Leuchtner, Pro Shop Manager, SIG SAUER Academy

Proper Grip

EXETER, NH –-( Fitting a pistol to your hand is actually quite an easy process.

The first step to finding a pistol that’s a perfect fit is finding something that gets you close.

With an unloaded pistol, grip the pistol with a two-handed grip and place your trigger finger on the center of the trigger. Move the trigger back and forth. If you cannot reach the trigger try something smaller. If your finger can go past the trigger and bottom out on the other side of the frame you need to find a bigger pistol.

A single stack pistol will have a different fit than a double stack pistol. With a single stack pistol, the thinner frame will shorten the distance you need to reach to operate the trigger. However, if you have longer fingers you may have to bump your knuckle out to operate the trigger correctly.

A double-stack pistol will be a larger grip circumference, but most double stack pistols will come with slim-style grips to make the trigger easier to reach. Some polymer-framed guns have the ability to swap out grip shells for smaller or larger versions.

These work great for people who share a pistol at the range or families who want to shoot the same pistol but would also like the ability to change sizes on the fly.

The choice of grips on a metal frame gun is also very important, although not as quick to change as a polymer gun. With the classic line SIG SAUER pistols, for example, grips made from wood and rubber will tend to run larger. Grips made from polymer or G-10 will have a slimmer profile. With larger grips, reaching for the trigger becomes more difficult for people with smaller hands or someone with larger palms and shorter fingers. The opposite is true for people with big hands or longer fingers.

Try a few different models with different grips by establishing a two-handed grip and operating the trigger. Once you’ve found a frame and grip size that comes pretty close, if you still need a little more distance to reach, or the trigger is just a little too far away, the SIG SAUER custom shop or any certified SIG SAUER armorer can put in a short reach or standard trigger.

This fine tuning will ensure that you and your pistol will work together. The key is to try an assortment of different pistols. There is one out there that will fit your hand perfectly!

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