The Warrior Defined

By Paul Markel

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The Warrior Defined

LUVERNE, AL –-( An overused and most often misunderstood word, the true definition of what it means to be a warrior or the warrior mindset eludes most people.

Humans have a natural tendency to define all things down to the simplest most easily digestible level. Deep thought requires effort and effort is as foreign to many citizens as constructing an algorithm.

The oversimplified definition of a warrior is merely a fighter, a member of an organized military or fighting force or simply a brute or barbarian.

While a warrior might be a fighter or part of a military unit, mere membership does not make one a warrior.

A true warrior possesses a mindset or an ethos that guides his daily action in all things, not just conflict. A warrior understands and accepts that life is conflict and that overcoming conflict requires effort on his part. This effort may involve a physical confrontation and force of violence. He accepts this and prepares his mind and body for the conflict.

Both the warrior and pacifist desire peace. The warrior desires peace and stability so that his family may grow and prosper and his community may thrive. The warrior realizes that peace is not simply the absence of conflict but the presence of victory over those who would harm his family and destroy his community. He understands that his strength and arms are gifts from God and with these gifts come a solemn responsibility. The warrior does not take this responsibility lightly.

The pacifist sees peace as a lack of conflict or war, but life is conflict and denying this truth does not make it so. When conflict arrives at the pacifist’s door he has no recourse for he is unprepared and weak in his mind and soul. Only after the wolf is eating his young the pacifist cries out for the warrior to come and save him. A warrior understands that only the strong can give mercy. The weak are helpless and in no position to be merciful.

A warrior prepares his mind and body for conflict and arms himself in a vain hope that he will not need those arms. A warrior fiercely protects his own life, for if his life is lost, who will protect his family? The warrior values his family, his community, and his nation. He swears a daily allegiance to their protection and preservation. He is a protector of life, not a death worshipper.

A warrior sacrifices and makes hard choices. While his peers are lounging, imbibing in spirits and chasing after the fairer sex the warrior is sweating in the training arena. The warrior doesn’t need to be forced or coerced to train and hone his skills. He understands that the edge of the finest sword will eventually dull if not honed properly.

The warrior walks quietly amongst the masses ever armed and ever vigilant. The warrior seeks not fame or glory. He seeks neither the approval nor the support of the pacifist. His only request is to be unhindered by the sheep.

The warrior’s reward comes from a deep sense of accomplishment and purpose, the smiling faces of his family and prosperity of his community.

Warriors seek out like-minded individuals and only in their presence dares to relax. The warrior relishes the kinship of his fellows and he recognizes them as his brothers.

Paul G. Markel © 2011

About Paul Markel

Paul G. Markel became a US Marine in 1987 and served this nation in time of peace and war. Mr. Markel has been a professional bodyguard, police officer and Small Arms and Tactics Instructor. His lifelong training and skills are being put to use today as an instructor at the recently launched “Emergency Tactical Skills” program. The ETS program is an intensive, comprehensive training program designed to give the end user the skills they need to be victorious and survive the most hostile of situations. For more info go to:

Paul Markel

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karl, hope you’re not marx.

well, if everyone was a warrior, crime would be of lesser concern for a warrior doesn’t attack anyone, only defends. so if violence of any kind arise, he’ll be there to react.


a society of warriors each protecting his putative community as he definesit is a contradiction in terms.