This Week’s American Trigger Sports Network – “Stop the Threat: Carjacking”

American Trigger Sports Network - "Stop the Threat" Special Series Begins
This Weeks American Trigger Sports Network – Don’t Miss “Stop the Threat: The Office”

Ventura, CA – -( This week on the Trigger Sports Network, Don’t Miss: “Stop the Threat: Car-Jacking”

April 30th Air Week: A carjacking is attempted in a grocery store parking lot. How well prepared are you to defend yourself against this crime taken from real headlines?

Watch as our experts analyze this crime.

This episode’s list of notable panel members includes:

  • Dr. Suzanna Gratia Hupp, DC, Author of “From Luby’s to the Legislature: One Woman’s Fight Against Gun Control” and former member of Texas House of Representatives
  • Josh Duhon, Shooting Instructor/Class Coordinator-Texas Pistol & Rifle Academy, actor, film producer
  • Mark Walters, Co-author of “Lessons from Armed America” and host of Armed American Radio

“Stop the Threat” panelists offer an informed discussion on legal gun ownership, the use of deadly force, and how one may avoid becoming a victim, or respond to a life or death situation.

This series may save your life!

Each week’s episode engages the viewers with diverse programming designed to quench your thirst for the latest news, information, and slam-bang shooting entertainment.

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American Trigger Sports Network - "Stop the Threat" Special Series Begins