A Ladies’ Perspective on Firearms Training

By Lynn Givens, Firearms Instructor www.Rangemaster.com

A Ladies’ Perspective on Firearms Training
A Ladies’ Perspective on Firearms Training

Memphis, TN –-(Ammoland.com)- A great deal of criminal violence is directed toward women who criminals often view as weak, easy prey.

Nationally, the Bureau of Justice Statistics says that one in every four Americans will be the victim of a violent crime at some point in their lifetime.

For women, the situation is even worse, with an estimated one out of every three women the victim of some type of sexual assault during their lifetime.

Each year in Memphis alone, about 400 forcible rapes are reported to the Memphis Police Department. The FBI estimates that about one rape in three is reported to the police. Victims’ advocacy groups believe the actual figure is that about one in six is reported. The truth is probably somewhere in between, which would mean there are between 1,200 to 2,400 rapes each year, just in our city. And that is just rapes—that does not include violent assaults, armed robberies, and home invasions.

So, how am I supposed to fight off a male attacker, who is probably both bigger and stronger than I am? What if there is more than one of them?

The same way thousands of other women accomplish this—by being armed and skillful in my handgun’s use. By being armed and knowing what to do I can take back control over my own life. I do not carry a pistol so I can impose my will on someone else. I carry a pistol so someone else cannot impose their will on me!

I came to this realization some years ago when I was being stalked by a mentally disturbed man who made credible death threats against me, my family, and others. The police and private investigators were looking into these death threats but were unable to do anything. I never thought I would have to pick up a gun until someone tried to take my and my son’s choices out of our hands. It then became very real when I found my picture on the front page of the newspaper in an article about crime.

In order to be able to protect me and my son, I made a visit to Rangemaster and explained my situation to the staff. I began taking defensive firearms courses, and I was hooked. I have since taken numerous courses from several of the top trainers in the industry, and I became an NRA certified, Tennessee State certified and Mississippi state certified firearms instructor. This allows me to pass on the knowledge and skills I have gained, and with them, the peace of mind knowing you too can protect yourself and your loved ones.

At Rangemaster, we have several other female instructors, and we all work together with the male instructors to provide up-to-date training for men and women alike, who wish to be safer and more secure in our often perilous world. Make a commitment to yourself and your family that you will not be a victim.

You are responsible for your own safety. The choice is yours.

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