Compound Bow Basics – Waxing Your String and Cables

By Alan Murdock

Compound Bow Shooting
Compound Bow Basics – Waxing Your String And Cables

Manasquan, NJ –-( A lot of hunters transitioning from firearm to bow hunting have questions about the maintenance protocols for their newfound tool of choice, the compound bow.

With an eye for detail, it is easy to identify when your bow is ready for some maintenance.

If you are more daring you can even buy your own bow press and begin maintaining your bow and working on bows for fellow archers.

There is no set protocol for changing the strings and cables on your bow, but there are some things you can do regularly to maintain your equipment and some cues that your bow is ready for some new “software,” as it were.

String Wax
The first component of bow maintenance is a good string wax. Rub the wax on the exposed portion of the string, then rub it in with your fingers. Repeat on the exposed portion of the cables as well. Finally, remove any excess with a dry, clean cloth. The wax will keep the strings from fraying and will both protect them from excessive moisture and from drying out. It is common to wax your strings every few times you shoot, however, if you shoot less than monthly it can be a good idea to check the string to see if it needs a little treatment.

If you shoot multiple times per week you may want to apply wax weekly or more often.

The following video gives a visual demonstration of the proper waxing of your string. Be sure to repeat the procedure on each exposed portion of string and cable:

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