Defeat the NH Incumbent Protection Act – Lite

Legislation iStock via NRA-ILA
Legislation iStock via NRA-ILA

Milford, NH –-( The fight isn’t over yet. Last week I told you about the Incumbent Protection Act, an amendment that was trying to silence gun owners like you and me.

Thankfully, the Senate killed that amendment and tabled the bill.

Unfortunately, however, sources are telling me that they tabled the bill in order to come up with some sort of so-called “compromise”, one that will inevitably make it more difficult for you and me to be involved in the legislative process.

Get ready for the Incumbent Protection Act Lite.

While the requirement to report spending on information critical of legislators is unlikely to be included in the new amendment, my sources are telling me that another bad provision in the committee amendment that was killed last week will be included in the new so-called compromise amendment.

That provision requires grassroots organizations like NHFC, which don’t endorse candidates, to report anytime we mention a candidate’s name within a certain number of days before an election, even when we are not advocating for or against a specific candidate.

Some people have called this a sunshine provision, something designed to shed light on government dealings.

The facts say something different entirely.

Making it more difficult to hold politicians accountable for their records is about keeping the spotlight off of government dealings, not bringing more accountability into government.

You see, while NHFC doesn’t have a position on the rest of the bill, it is hard to believe the Senate is only concerned with shedding light on government actions when the rest of the bill deals with raising the limits on campaign contributions directly to candidates.

Requiring grassroots organizations, like NHFC, to disclose how much they spend reporting candidates’ voting records, while simultaneously dramatically increasing the amount candidates can get from Big Corporations and Political Action Committees is designed to make a “pay to play” system where only those who gave large campaign contributions during the election cycle get their issues recognized or dealt with.

That is why I need you to call your Senator today.

Tell them you won’t accept any restrictions on the ability of grassroots gun organizations, like NHFC, to communicate a politician’s record to you.

Setting up a “pay to play” system where the only way you can influence the political system is to give large campaign contributions directly to candidates is only designed to keep the grassroots gun owner out of politics.

Your calls made the difference in defeating the Incumbent Protection Act, now I need your help again to defeat the Lite version.

Please call your Senator today, let them know that silencing the grassroots gun-owner in order to protect the political careers of gun grabbers is unacceptable.

In Liberty,
Jonathan R Evans, Signature
Jonathan R. Evans, Esq.
President, NHFC

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