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Washington, DC –-( Version 6.1 of Gun Facts is now available. Along with that announcement I have news concerning the next step toward making Gun Facts a community project and a note about a correction.

Version 6.1:
As usual, drop by and download the new version from the home page. The printed version is available on and the price remains $6.95. Please post this on every pro-gun and politically-focused internet site you frequent.

The Spanish version has not been updated and I’m debating holding off until the next edition. The changes in 6.1 for Latin American countries are small and I don’t want to burn-out the volunteer translators.

The correction:
Unlike the gun control industry that will perpetuate a well debunked myth for generations, I prefer to make everyone aware when Gun Facts has an error. It has happened twice in the twelve years of publication. I want you to be aware of an error that has been corrected in version 6.1.

In previous editions of Gun Facts, the claim was made that “94% of firearm homicides are gang related.”

That is incorrect. The actual statement should have been “94% of gang homicides are committed with a firearm.” The citation was/is correct and the error came because the cited document reported both measurements (% of firearm homicides committed by a category/group and % homicides by category/group using a firearm). When I first obtained that report, the headers on the two columns of data were swapped, leading to the incorrect statement.

So if this talking point has entered your rhetoric, please correct it in your activism activities. We succeed by staying true.

Next steps – team editing:
After reviewing options for allowing multiple people to work on Gun Facts, I have decided to test team editing and proofing using Google Docs as the editing platform. One research volunteer has been selected to be my co-editing guinea pig and I’ll recruit a proofreader as well.

The end goal is to improve the content faster than I can do by myself. During the proofreading phase for version 6.1, several volunteers suggested updates and provided the hard data.

My goal is to:

  1. Make it possible for hand-selected researchers to make changes directly to the source files.
  2. For those changes to be visible to me so I can vet the new/augmented data.
  3. Make all changes visible to translators.
  4. Thus, update Gun Facts more frequently.

This test phase will not be swift, but I hope to complete it within a few months and move toward expanding the number of editors after we work-out all the kinks.

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Yours in Liberty
Guy Smith

Gun Facts Version 6.1

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